Inna Bali Heritage Hotel Welcomes Tourists

Inna Bali Heritage Hotel Welcomes Tourists

Inna Bali Heritage Hotel now welcomes tourists with a cheerful atmosphere. Various preparations related to hygiene and health as well as the implementation of the health protocol have been carried out well. That’s because the hotel, located at Jalan Veteran No. 3 Banjar Lelangan–Denpasar, was previously used for Centralized Isolation in Denpasar City. “We have sterilized with disinfectant, carried out general cleaning in all rooms and hotel areas. Moreover, the Denpasar City Health Worker team has checked it and it already declared safe to be opened for tourists,” said General Manager, Ketut Ari Sulistiari, on Wednesday (Sep 16).

This historic hotel was once used as venue of centralized isolation from July 24 to September 1, 2021. During that period, it did not accept other guests because it specifically handled people who were being isolated. At that time, a total of 50 rooms with 100 beds were prepared. The people in centralized isolation were served by health worker team and the Regional Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD) of Denpasar City. People who were in centralized isolation are residents with Denpasar ID cards. “We only prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as laundry,” he said.

However, the hotel staff still equip themselves with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), such as wearing masks, face shields, hand gloves, and head coverings when preparing various menus. Cleanliness is well maintained such as by washing the ingredients before cooking. “When we started on September 7, tourists had already started arriving. Currently, 15 percent of the rooms are occupied by local Balinese guests. There are also events, such as meetings of private companies, gatherings for PKK women, and tomorrow there will be a Rising Bali central vaccination program,” she said.

Guests put high trust because this hotel has complete facilities. They can wash their hands, clean their hands with hand sanitizer, and do temperature checks to ensure their health. It has become a new habit for tourists who will stay at the hotel. Places for washing hands are prepared before entering the lobby, in restaurant, and in the rooms. Special hand sanitizers are prepared in restaurants, front office, meeting rooms and other tables. “Incidentally, we just got the PeduliLindungi barcode yesterday, so guests are also obliged to download it,” she said.

Since entering the new era of life, the hotel located in the capital of the Bali Province has implemented health protocol with the requirements of Cleanliness, Health, Safety and Environmental Sustainability (CHSE). It has even received a CHSE certificate from the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy. Therefore, in the past, we had designed a wedding program for tourists or the local community with the implementation of the health protocol as implemented by the government. “In managing hotels during this pandemic, we combine it with the Green Hotel program held by the Denpasar City Tourism Office,” she added.

The hotel constantly cleans and saves money, especially during the pandemic where there are not as many tourist visits as before. The windows are opened so that light can enter the room, the pillows and mattresses are dried in the sun first as it was used as venue of the centralized isolation. Saving electricity, water, cutting trees and gardening, all of which are done by employees. Previously, they were handled by a third party. Now there is a clean Friday movement. “In this pandemic condition, we just do not extend our contract workers and daily workers. Right now, we are working in shifts, with timings. Salaries are still paid, but food and transport allowances are paid according to attendance,” she concluded. (BTN/015)

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