Inna Sindhu Beach Hotel & Resort Implements Collaborative Health Protocol with Green Hotel Concept

Inna Sindhu Beach Hotel & Resort Implements Collaborative Health Protocol with Green Hotel Concept

If you are going to stay at Inna Sindhu Beach Hotel & Resort, prepare more time to be able to follow the various requirements. Understandably, in this pandemic period, everyone must be aware to live a new era of life, including tourists that will stay in order to remain safe and comfortable. It happens because the hotel located in the Sindhu Beach area, Sanur, always puts health and safety as a top priority. High standards of hotel cleanliness are strictly and consistently applied to be aware of and prevent the transmission of Covid-19 by implementing the health protocol strictly.

After reporting to security officers, tourists and anyone who comes to the hotel must wash their hands first. Visitors are required to have the PeduliLindungi application in order to be able to enter the hotel. After entering the lobby floor, you must measure the temperature automatically, and then go to the receptionist’s desk to convey the purpose of coming to the hotel. However, prior to it, guests are required to clean their hands with hand sanitizer.

Aside from being valid for in-house guests, this safety and health standard is also applied to guests of restaurant, those who will hold meetings and events and take advantage of all other hotel facilities. They include staff and employees. “Although all staff and employees have received vaccines, they still apply to ensure safety and comfort for guests. In serving guests, all employees wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), so that it is safe for guests and themselves,” said General Manager, I Nyoman Yuda Wirawan.

Health protocol facilities are constantly monitored to ensure they remain functional. Meanwhile, the health protocol activities include spraying disinfectant liquid throughout the hotel area and measuring the guests’ body temperature before entering the hotel. In addition, there are spraying for guests’ luggage or bags before entering the lobby as well as provision of free masks, hand sanitizers and antiseptic tissue for guests.

Guests who will stay overnight are ensured to receive information that their room is safe from viruses. The rooms previously occupied by other guests are thoroughly cleaned up. Once guests check out, in one day all rooms and doors are opened so that healthy air can come in. After that, they are thoroughly cleaned up with a disinfectant. “I installed a security seal in front of the room. There is announcement saying that This Area Has Been Disinfected. By that way, guests will be confident no matter whoever previously occupied the room. It is done one day, and the next day we are able to receive guests again,” explained this calm man.

In the restaurant area, employees also measure the body temperature of guests who will enter the restaurant area. Restrictions on the number of guests eating at one table are also set. Ordering food menus is done online, using a barcode scan to view the menu. Meanwhile, the officers serving food use masks, face shields and hand gloves to create a sense of comfort. “We continuously monitor the implementation of the new normal Standard Operational Procedure (SOP), and control it regularly. We make changes if necessary, and continue to observe developments and government recommendations,” he explained.

Inna Sindhu Beach Hotel & Resort has also achieved the certificate of New Era and Cleanliness, Health, Safety, and Environmental Sustainability (CHSE) from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy. An interesting thing about the implementation of the health protocol system at this hotel is that it combines it with the Green Hotel concept, posing the program of Denpasar City Tourism Office disseminated long before the pandemic.

The green concept does not only prioritize saving, but also local genius in accordance with the Tri Hita Karana philosophy, namely harmonious relationship between humans and the environment, the fellow humans as well as the Creator. Inna Sindhu Beach Hotel & Resort, which has implemented the Green Hotel, turns out to be useful during this pandemic.

For instance, in managing the environment it prepares open facilities. Tourists apparently prefer open spaces to conduct meetings or just relax. Especially during the implementation of the Public Activity Restrictions (PPKM), tourists prefer outdoor space which is ample, cool and comfortable. Fresh air circulation occurs continuously, and in terms of savings it is very good because it does not use air conditioning and lights. Similarly, there are many plants around it that can provide a comfortable atmosphere. “Indoor, they feel uncomfortable and a little afraid because it is in the same one air conditioner,” he explained.

With the arrangement of flower gardens, shady trees, attractive gardens and open buildings, tourists are more likely to survive outside. They feel healthier, and the air they breathe is really fresh and healthy than in an air-conditioned room. In terms of savings, it is also very certain. “We instruct offices to open their windows and doors as long as it is convenient. From 8 – 10 hours of work, only 5 hours are used for healthy air, and it will be very beneficial for health. Formerly, there was a group of guests who persisted on holding meeting, but did not want to be in the room. They want to have semi-open space like wantilan hall,” he said.

In that open space, meeting participants can keep their distance, so that it is getting better, well-organized, and air circulation makes them feel better. “In the next few days, we have also received a reservation for an open-air meeting from the Village Ecotourism Network (JED). They choose an open space so that they can gather, but can still maintain a distance and get fresh air circulation,” he explained while adding that his party is collaborating with clinics and has a medical room for guests if anyone does not feel comfortable in the room. (BTN/015)

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