ITDC Sets SME Group Business Area

ITDC Sets SME Group Business Area

The Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC), the operator of the Nusa Dua tourism area, has arranged the business area of ​​the Small and Micro Business Group (SMBG) which is part of the Beach Traders Association in The Nusa Dua area. The arrangement of this business area is carried out to improve the quality of service to tourists, including physical arrangement or arrangement of facilities supported by non-physical arrangements. “As of the end of July 2021, through SBU The Nusa Dua, ITDC has completed the physical arrangement of the Sekar Sandat Association business area located between Club Med Bali and Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Beach Resort in The Nusa Dua area,” said Managing Director of The Nusa Dua, I Gusti Ngurah Ardita, on Tuesday (Aug 3).

The arrangement includes the construction of selling kiosks, construction of toilets and showers, improvement of massage places and the provision of hand washing facilities. Non-physical arrangements were also carried out in the form of preparing guidelines for the Operational Governance of the Beach Traders Association carrying the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), guidelines for activities in the area for business groups that are incorporated as well as rules for the utilization of the facilities provided. “This guide is targeted for completion by the end of August to be further disseminated to all members of the association,” he said.

Ardita further added that the arrangement of the business area in the Sekar Sandat Association is carried out in stages, and will be continued with the arrangement of the other Beach Traders Association as needed, both in terms of buildings, appearance and service standards for tourists at The Nusa Dua. “We take advantage of this pandemic moment for the arrangement so that when the tourism awakens later on the association is ready to provide better services with adequate quality facilities and infrastructure as well as better operational governance,” he said.

The traders association in The Nusa Dua area is a buffer village community group who previously worked as fishermen and beach traders who were then relocated in the location between hotel lots and facilities facing the beach in The Nusa Dua area. There are nine groups of Beach Traders Association with a total member of approximately 468 people running various types of businesses ranging from selling souvenirs, surfing board rentals, F&B, massage to other businesses for the needs of tourists in The Nusa Dua Area.

In addition to setting the business area, coaching and training are also provided for members of the Beach Traders Association in order to improve their abilities and skills in serving tourists. “We hope that the area arrangement as well as the coaching and training we provide for the members of the Beach Traders Association can give added value to quality and encourage the improvement of the quality of human resources. Thus, they can face business competition and increase the income of members to build community-based tourism,” concluded Ardita.

Chairperson of the Sekar Sandat Association, I Made Muryana, thanked the ITDC for the concern and support so far. “Thanks for facilitating us to conduct business activities in The Nusa Dua area. The current arrangement will greatly assist us in improving the quality of service to tourists. We always support programs of ITDC and will improve the quality of our services in accordance with the standards set by ITDC. Hopefully, this pandemic will end soon and tourism can recover soon so that we can resume our business activities,” he said. (BTN/015)

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