It’s Time to Enjoy the Beauty of Pandawa Beach

It’s Time to Enjoy the Beauty of Pandawa Beach

Even though the New Year has passed, Pandawa Beach is still in demand by tourists. For instance, on weekend or Sunday (Jan 9), tourist visits continued to flow. The atmosphere during the day on the white sandy beach was quite crowded. “A week after the New Year, tourist visits to the beach located at Kutuh customary village, South Kuta subdistrict, Badung, still existed. Tourists who came from cities on the Island of Java, and those who still live in Bali take a tour to Pandawa Beach,” said Operations Manager, Wayan Letra, on Sunday (Jan 9).

In addition to walking in the beach area to feel the soft white sand, tourists who visit do not want to spend their time enjoying the existing marine tourism attractions. For instance, there are canoeing, snorkeling, coral planting and others. Shuttle tour services to facilitate visitors around the beach area are also busy with enthusiasts. “Pandawa Beach also offers cultural attractions in the form of the Kecak Fire Dance performances staged based on bookings. During this pandemic, we have not been able to perform regular performances because tourism has not been fully normalized,” he said.

President Director of Customary Village-Owned Enterprise (BUMDA) of Kutuh customary village as the operator of Pandawa Beach tourist attraction, Ni Luh Hepi Wiradani, stated that tourist visits to Pandawa Beach were dominated by domestic ones who enjoyed water tourist attractions, such as snorkeling, diving, canoeing, and paragliding. “The activities of residents who used to be in the profession as coral reef farmers and fishermen have now switched to coral reef planting activities which have also become fun attractions,” he said.

While opening, including during the festival, the operator of the Pandawa Beach tourist attraction implemented a new era of life through the application of health protocols in accordance with applicable standards. Everyone who comes must wear a mask, wash their hands before going to the beach area and keep their distance. Operational hours to Pandawa Beach are strictly regulated only until 19:00 Central Indonesia Standard. “We hope the government to always consider the existence of some concessions for tourists who will return to Bali. This is to increase interest in visiting Bali, but do not forget to always obey the applicable health protocols,” he hoped.

According to him, the tourist attraction does not only present various marine tourist attractions, but also serves as a center for coral reef development. Once traveled, you will be able to see the natural panorama and cultural activities having been carried out for generations since the past. On the sides of the cliffs, there are caves used to put statues of the Pandavas taken from the Mahabharata epic. Tourists know this white sandy beach as the secret beach because it is hidden behind the hills. From the top of the hill, tourists can see the beauty of the blue seawater. (BTN/015)

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