Jaipongan Dance, Introduction to the Taman Nusa at Daun Sirih Building

Jaipongan Dance, Introduction to the Taman Nusa at Daun Sirih Building

Have you not been to visit the Taman Nusa for long time? Now, the tourist attraction reflecting the cultural diversity of the archipelago on the Island of Bali presents an introduction in the form of Jaipongan Dance. After entering the boulevard with oil palm plants along the road to the Daun Sirih Building, visitors are greeted by this unique dance. Jaipongan is one of the most famous regional dances and has been familiar with the people of Indonesia. Jaipongan is a traditional dance originating from West Java.

All the visitors must have been amazed by it. This dance movement is a combination of several traditional arts, such as Wayang Golek, Pencak Silat and Tap Tilu. It is performed by female dancers who are very energetic and unique. Their costumes look so attractive and the performances are accompanied by traditional music called gamelan. This dance is performed in a cheerful and humorous atmosphere, so that it is very entertaining for visitors making a visit to Taman Nusa. Not infrequently, the Jaipongan connoisseurs will laugh, smile and dance together because they are carried away by the cheerful atmosphere.

This unique dance from West Java is still preserved, and now is served to greet visitors to Taman Nusa. “Indonesia is a country with natural wealth and cultural diversity, customs and a variety of archipelagic culture including dance, literature, fine arts, music, building arts and so on. All of this can be seen in the cultural village of Taman Nusa while enjoying the natural scenery of Bali along the Melangit River east of Taman Nusa,” said General Manager, I Nyoman Murjana, on Tuesday (Feb 3).

Jaipongan Dance is one of the uniqueness owned by Indonesian culture. Each of these dances is presented to visitors to Taman Nusa. It never bores the audience and is liked by various groups of visitors and ages. For example, during the New Year holidays, there was a surge in local Balinese and Indonesian tourists. “They do a lot of overland tours, starting from the area of ​​origin and stopping at tourist spots passed through, and then in Bali one of the itineraries is visiting Taman Nusa,” said Murjana happily. (BTN/015)

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