Jatiluwih Tourist Attraction Hungers for You

Jatiluwih Tourist Attraction Hungers for You

Various policies having been endeavored by the government, such as green zones, vaccinations to the plan to open borders in June – July, have not yet had an impact on tourism conditions towards a better or normal condition. If this situation is prolonged, of course, the operators of the tourist attractions have to work even harder to bring in tourists. “Foreign tourist visits have decreased considerably. However, Jatiluwih is still in demand by domestic tourists,” said Operations Manager, Nengah Sutirtayasa, on Friday (May 7).

The number of visits is not as much as ever before the pandemic. Visits are usually quite busy during national holidays and religious holidays. They visit to spend some relaxing time in this beautiful outdoor setting. However, since the Covid-19 outbreak, Jatiluwih was closed following government instructions in an effort to suppress its spread. “When the government gave a policy to carry out a new era of life order (New Normal), Jatiluwih reopened by implementing health protocols,” he said.

Jatiluwih implements strict health protocols by providing facilities such as hand washing stations and hand sanitizer in each area, wearing mask, checking body temperature for tourists, including staff and employees. Staff and employees serving visitors are required to wear gloves. “We, the operator of the tourist attraction, are also collaborating with Covid-19 officers and public health center to anticipate if there are reactive tourists or staff,” he said.

To supervise in the field, the management collaborates with the Indonesian Military and National Police, so that every visitor remains disciplined in participating in the health protocols. In addition, the management also prepares officers who at all times give an appeal for discipline in implementing the health protocols. “We are quite grateful, so far all the guests who visit are obedient to the health program. The number of visits is busy, but not as busy as before the pandemic. At that time, the visit was dominated by foreign tourists,” admitted Nengah Sutirtayasa.

Jatiluwih is indeed a favorite tourist attraction, especially for those who like rice fields. It is a natural tourist attraction offering panoramic views of the natural beauty of terraced rice fields with a mountain background. For tourists who like adventure, they can also do trekking activities to the top of Mount Batukaru, enjoy the atmosphere of the waterfall, agro tourism and other intriguing activities to do in this open place of Jatiluwih.

Nengah Sutirtayasa added that the Jatiluwih tourist attraction has a total of 70 employees, starting from the administration, finance, sanitation, tickets, security, cultural preservation, and waste management at Jatiluwih village. During this pandemic, the work of employees is adapted to their needs because the visiting situation is indeed small. “If the tourism border opens, we only hope that the presence of tourists can be well regulated according to strict health protocol procedures so that tourists are safe to visit all objects in Bali,” he hoped. (BTN/015)

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