Jembrana Tourism Begins to Rise

Jembrana Tourism Begins to Rise

Hotel occupancy after the opening of the international border coupled with government policies that makes it easy for prospective tourists to travel to the Island of the Gods does not only make southern Bali alive, but also West Bali tourism area. Previously, it was crowded with domestic tourists, but now there are also foreign tourists. “A few days ago, foreign tourists had started visiting the West Bali area (Jembrana District),” said Secretary of the Indonesian Hotels and Restaurants Association (PHRI) of Jembrana Chapter, Ni Made Ayu Dwi Aryati, on Thursday (Aug 4).

Tourists from various countries do not only travel to visit tourist attractions that are no less interesting than other regions, but also stay in this area. So hotels, villas, home stays and other accommodation that used to be quiet are now reviving again. “The presence of foreign tourists in the Jembrana area makes hotels livelier. There is also an increase in occupancy. Even though it is small, it means a lot for the operators of tourist accommodations who had suspended animation due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Currently, hotel occupancy is up to 65–70 percent,” said the operator of this tourism school seriously.

Especially now, there are travel agencies that specifically invite special foreign tourists from America to travel to Jembrana. Even the travel agencies are managed by local people, so that Jembrana tourism will shine even more. “Most of the time, many American tourists are walking in the Jembrana tourist attraction area. They had time to visit the existing beaches. They were very happy and amazed, it turns out that the Jembrana area has a very wonderful, charming and comfortable attraction. They will disseminate the beauty of Jembrana tourist attraction to their friends,” said Ayu Dwi Aryati happily.

However, there are coastal areas that are still in their spotlight. It is not a matter of arrangement or management, but it has something to do with plastic waste problem. In fact, the PHRI in collaboration with the Jembrana government and supported by the community has carried out beach cleanup activities, but there are still shipments of plastic waste. “This is a very extraordinary input for us for the advancement of Jembrana tourism. We will respond with other stakeholders so that plastic waste is reduced, or even no longer exists,” she concluded. (BTN/015)

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