JR Peak Waits for You after PPKM

JR Peak Waits for You after PPKM

If the level of Public Activity Restrictions (PPKM) is lowered and tourism activities return to normal, stop by at Puncak Jumpa Remaja (JR) or JR Peak, a very charming tourist spot. This tourist attraction presents beautiful natural scenery of Negara town. Do not worry, during this new era of life, JR Peak has prepared a health protocol facilities. “Currently, our tourism awareness group (Pokdarwis) has agreed to close the tourism object until the PPKM period ends,” said Hamlet Chief of Pancaseming, Ida Bagus Budiartawan, on Saturday (Sep 4).

Meanwhile, the tourist attraction located in Pancaseming Hamlet, Batuagung, Jembrana, has only prepared one hand washing facility located at the entrance of the object. In the meantime, hand sanitizer is also available but a tool to measure body temperature is not provided because the tourist attraction is still closed. “In the meantime, we only provide hand washing facilities because the object is still closed. However, we also make arrangements, such as arranging selfie spots, so that there are no crowds or gatherings later,” he said.

Although it temporarily does not receive any visits, the maintenance and arrangement of the area is still carried out, so that it will remain to look attractive when visited later on. At least, there are two people who routinely carry out cleaning activities and arrange the object areas. Everyone who comes must wash their hands before entering the object area. This is to get used to implementing a clean and healthy life. “The two people who do the cleaning are volunteers who work without any payment. We thank the volunteers who always clean up and organize the area so that it remains beautiful,” said Budiartawan gratefully.

In the past, before the pandemic, JR Peak was a favorite tourist attraction. It presents the natural beauty around it such as beautiful nature, sustainable culture and friendly people. The West Bali area is indeed famous for having a fairly wide forest area as well as stretching hills, so that it has the opportunity to present beautiful nature. “The JR Peak was founded at the end of 2016, discovered by teenagers from Pancaseming Hamlet. At that time, they were hanging out with their friends. Now, the peak has become a tourist attraction, dominated by young people with their partners,” he explained.

This peak area is indeed often used as a meeting place for teenagers in the local hamlet in a community known as Sekaa Taruna. The location is very beautiful, so the local youth took the initiative to turn the place into a unique contemporary destination being different from the others. “If you schedule a tour to the West Bali tourism area, then this tourist spot will be a pity to miss,” said this energetic man while promoting.

Once being in this place, you will definitely arrange the time again so that you can enjoy the exotic natural atmosphere. At the JR Peak, a flag tower is provided, so that from this place visitors can see the beauty of the surroundings more freely. Besides, this place is interesting as an ideal and exciting selfie spot. “Young people often choose this venue as their photo background. It is quite beautiful, that is why people always come during holidays,” he concluded. (BTN/015)

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