Jumbo Chicken Satay at FuramaXclusive Ocean Beach Seminyak

Jumbo Chicken Satay at FuramaXclusive Ocean Beach Seminyak

FuramaXclusive Seminyak now presents satay as its signature dish. This type of satay is also different from the others, namely chicken satay with jumbo portions. It is very distinctive because the texture of grilled chicken meat is accompanied with Indonesian special spices, so it is very suitable for the tongues of local and foreign tourists. “We chose this chicken satay with jumbo portions because we want it to be different from the others,” said Head Chef of FuramaXclusive Seminyak, Chef Yoyok, on Wednesday (Mar 29).

This satay is different because the jumbo pieces of chicken meat on each skewer are added to the delicious taste of the spices, resulting in a perfect texture in every bite. “Never hesitate to introduce Indonesian cuisines to foreign guests as can be seen from the sales of this satay also enjoyed by foreign tourists because we want to continuously bring Indonesian flavors in dishes which of course also maintain the quality of taste, portion and presentation,” said Chef Yoyok proudly.

The Jumbo Furama Sate Ayam (chicken satay) is served on a hotplate, making Furama Sate Ayam dishes always appetizing because they are always served fresh and warm. “The process of marinating the selected spices on the chicken and the roasting process with the right degree of maturity will produce an extraordinary sensation. This dish is perfect for eating without condiments, and can be sued for the appetizer menu or with condiments for the main menu,” added Chef Yoyok.

Enjoying the jumbo satay will taste more delicious if enjoyed in a comfortable atmosphere. The Deck Restaurant located on the second floor of FuramaXclusive Seminyak and The Barrel Bar located on the lower floor with a sunset atmosphere in the evening directly from Double Six Beach right in front of the hotel definitely make the grill atmosphere in the satay dish perfect. Alternatively, feel the pleasure of the Furama Sate Ayam right now. (BTN/015)

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