Kampoeng Bali, an Authentic Balinese Restaurant at Ayana

Kampoeng Bali, an Authentic Balinese Restaurant at Ayana

Do you still remember Kampoeng Bali? The Authentic Balinese Restaurant located at RIMBA by AYANA Estate is now open again. Guests can experience authentic Balinese cuisine and culture. Kampoeng Bali, inspired by Balinese villages, offers the charm of a Balinese traditional village. Guests can enjoy diverse culinary delights and witness performances of Bali’s vibrant culture and heritage. Kampoeng Bali opens for dinner every Wednesday and Saturday starting at 6pm.

The atmosphere is cool because it sits under leafy trees and surrounded by a quiet pool and green rice fields. When entering the Kampoeng Bali area, guests will be greeted by rows of small shops like Balinese traditional markets offering handicrafts that can be purchased as souvenirs. The design is open and stunning, making Kampoeng Bali the perfect location to capture Bali’s famous sunsets. “Kampoeng Bali can accommodate up to 250 guests,” said the Hotel Manager at AYANA Estate, Giordano Faggioli, on Wednesday (Mar 8).

This restaurant has a large amphitheater overlooking the guests. It is the venue for various theatrical performances, starting from the sunset ritual procession, cultural ceremonies to the magnificent Kecak Dance. Kampoeng Bali presents a buffet dinner with Balinese specialties as well as live cooking from AYANA’s best chefs. Everything is beautifully designed to pamper guests who are new to Balinese cuisine or connoisseurs.

The culinary team at Kampoeng Bali presents famous dishes of Bali sourced from local fishermen and farmers, such as their delicious grilled prawns, Bebek Betutu, Tum Bebek, and Jukut Ares Mebe Siap, which are Bali’s rich culinary heritage.

At dinner, a 40-minute Kecak Dance performance begins at 7 pm. This presentation is typical Balinese traditional dances which are often featured in cultural exhibitions and festivals. The Kecak Dance is performed by a group of male dancers accompanied with a cappella and rhythmic singing instead of the conventional musical instrument. They put on checkered clothes around their waist. In full expression, the dancers convey stories from Hindu Ramayana epic through their movements.

The show is even more perfect with the accompaniment of the fire dance. Dynamic lighting and costumes will ensure a captivating and unforgettable experience for audiences. After the show, a wide selection of Balinese traditional sweets is available to be enjoyed such as ice cream and sorbets, while the sound of Rindik music creates a magical atmosphere throughout Kampoeng Bali. “Kampoeng Bali at AYANA offers guests a truly authentic Balinese village experience with traditional cuisine and atmosphere accompanied by extraordinary Balinese performances. This makes it the perfect destination for guests seeking an unforgettable cultural experience,” concluded Giordano Faggioli. (BTN/015)

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