Kampung Uma Dawa Villas amid Ubud’s Rice Fields

Kampung Uma Dawa Villas amid Ubud’s Rice Fields

If you want to stay and live with a unique and unforgettable experience, just come to Kampung Uma Dawa Villas. It is a villa with a family concept in the middle of a stretch of Ubud rice fields. It does not only offer a beautiful atmosphere, but also creates a calm and peaceful atmosphere. It happens because it is located at a wonderful village. “Kampung Uma Dawa Villas offers views of green rice fields, so it is perfect for a family vacation, with friends or as a couple,” said Marketing Manager, Dedy Darma Yuda, on Saturday (Jan 7).

Making a visit to Ubud, chiefly Kampung Uma Dawa Villas, is indeed an alternative locale to live with family. Precisely, it is situated at Banjar Uma Dawa Pejeng, about 10 minutes’ drive from Ubud center. “Kampung Uma Dawa Villas opened in early November 2022 is one of the villas for the family segment which has a very fascinating and pleasant view of the rice fields,” said Dedy Darma Yuda friendly.

Kampung Uma Dawa Villas offers 7 units of Two-Bedroom Villas which are spacious and comfortable. The villas are equipped with extraordinary facilities, such as swimming pool, spa, kitchen, yoga shala and restaurant. In addition, Kampung Uma Dawa Villas also provides activity services such as tours, either half-day or full-day, so that guests can enjoy tourist destinations in Ubud.

Cooking class activity is favored by tourists. It is offered for tourists who want to experience authentic Balinese cooking. Tourists who are having vacation with family, especially children, can enjoy the existing facilities because the villa property also offers some kids activities and playground. “Kampung Uma Dawa Villas will certainly be the right choice for tourists and families who want to enjoy the experience of staying in the middle of a vast expanse of rice fields,” he added when ending the conversation. (BTN/015)

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