Kayon Run Takes Participants to Run with Nature in Ubud

Kayon Run Takes Participants to Run with Nature in Ubud

Ubud destination is indeed different. So naturally, Kayon Run participants enthusiastically took part in this cross-country running activity on Sunday (Feb 12). Of the 8 km route taken, more than half passed through rice fields and plantations which made the participants happy and healthy. “This Kayon Run passes through rice fields and plantations, thus giving an image of Ubud as a green area and a place for healing. The Kayon Run program tries to build that we must be healthy and get healed while exercising,” said Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of The Kayon Hotels and Resort, I Wayan Sucitra, in the midst of the Kayon Run.

The Kayon Run, held by The Kayon Hotels and Resort, was attended by more than 600 runners, consisting of the general public and the runner community in Bali and outside Bali. It aimed at introducing The Kayon and the surrounding villages, such as Bresela, Keliki and Kelusa villages as very good places to relax and get healing. “This running event with nature is held in Ubud as an extraordinary destination, especially for those who want to relax or get healing. The beauty of nature has indeed made Ubud a different destination,” he added.

The Kayon Run is indeed packaged to take advantage of existing natural resources, so that early 2023, as a moment for those who join here are able to live healthily, and then face the year 2023 well. This event also involved participants from the ranks of police, such as the Bali Police Chief, Deputy of Bali Police Chief, Gianyar Police Chief, Commander of Gianyar Military District and many other partners of The Kayon. “Currently, Kayon Run does not involve guests. We want to introduce Ubud and Kayon itself as a hotel, as well as branding for The Kayon,” said Sucitra.

Meanwhile, the owner of The Kayon, Putu Suryawan, stated that such event was held for the first time, and there would be a second. The run model initiated is different from the others, namely passing through the rice fields, Kayon Run with Nature. The event was welcomed by the public, especially runners, so that it will become an annual event. The venue can be in the center of Ubud and the nature is very supportive. The view of the rice fields is an attraction. “Now, at first we take 8 km. In the future, it can be divided into 5 km, 10 km and 15 km,” he said. (BTN/015)

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