Kebo Iwa Art Studio Works on ‘Kawisesan Mahosadhilata’

Kebo Iwa Art Studio Works on ‘Kawisesan Mahosadhilata’

Forests having various types of plants are actually a source of usadha or herbal healing for human life. Leaves, flowers, skin, fruit and roots of the plants can be used as medicine. On that account, other than having to be protected, the forest must also be preserved, so that it remains beautiful and the sources of the medicine are still sustainable. It is the message conveyed by the literary art show broadcast via YouTube channel of the Bali Cultural Office on Monday (Feb. 8) at 19:00 Local Time. The creative art work entitled Kawisesan Mahosadhilata was presented by the Kebo Iwa Art Studio.

Kawisesan Mahosadhilata telling about Ravana’s son, Meganada, who finally took to the battlefield. He had various types of arrows that successfully defeated his enemies, even Lord Indra. In the face of Rama and his monkey troops, Meganada issued a magic called Adresiatantra which caused the sky to suddenly darken, so that others could not see Meganada’s movements. Wibhisana then asked Hanoman to look for herbs as medicinal ingredients called Mahosadilata that could only be found on the peak of Mount Himawan. As not knowing exactly how the medicinal plant looked like, Hanoman cut the top of the mountain and brought it before Wibhisana. The potion succeeded in healing Rama’s monkey troops.

The work supported by 20 dancers, 6 musicians and 1 puppeteer is in the form of a fragmentary remaining prominent with traditional elements. The dance is arranged by I Putu Anggra Dana Suka and I Made Sidik prioritizing creative movements but still adhering to the existing dance standards. Dance movements and accompanying music support each other and even solidly merge. To give a soul in every movement and scene, this work applies the accompaniment of Gong Kebyar gamelan instrument and a puppeteer to provide affirmation in every scene.

The 33-minute work is indeed composed to enliven the Balinese Language Month 2021 opened by the Governor of Bali on Monday (Feb. 1). Therefore, choosing the venue becomes a consideration, so that it can give a more vibrant impression. “To give the impression of a forest and to support the theme of the Balinese Language Month, namely the Wana Kerthi, the dancers wear costumes coming from the forest, such as using dry leaves for giant figures and using shrubs for dancer costumes for trees,” said the Art Troupe Head I Nyoman Mariyana.

The forest dancers are covered with lush green thickets, so that they really look like a forest. The choice of location is also a consideration, such as around Mambal Village which is indeed the representative for shooting. It is indeed a forest area where the land is deliberately chosen. “Before that, we have made observations. It turned out to be suitable for shooting. There is also a split gate temple meeting the royal system according to the story. In this work, we also want to convey the Hanoman’s loyalty to his lord Sri Rama,” added Mariyan, who also arranges the accompanying music with Eka Widiadi Sucipta, I Made Putra Aryasa, Putu Trisna Nugraha and I Putu Ariawan.

Mariyana stated that in order to run smoothly, his party started by working on the accompanying music first in the studio. It means that it started from recording the music as a whole. After that, they did the exercises with the dancers in accordance with the music. However, they still prioritize dance movements and tricks in the performing arts, so that the work becomes even more wonderful. “After that, we will do visual recording at the selected location. In editing, we use green screen media according to the scene,” he said.

The most important thing in this work is that every time they carry out training, the dancers or musicians and the stage crew had checked their body temperature. All the musicians and the dancers must be in prime and healthy condition. The use of mask during the music practice process, maintaining distance has been implemented. Moreover, the Balinese gamelan media have been set according to the health protocol, namely there is a distance between one player and another. “We definitely wash our hands before or after the training activities are over,” he revealed. (BTN/015)

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