Kecak Art Depicted on Frank & Co. Jewelry

Kecak Art Depicted on Frank & Co. Jewelry

The art of kecak or cak is indeed unique. Kecak dance is quite popular among domestic and foreign tourists. The beauty of the dance created by Wayan Limbak in the 1930s is also very wonderful when depicted in the form of jewelry. “We have raised the Kecak Dance in jewelry as well as Indonesian cultures as a way for us to preserve Indonesian culture,” said General Manager, Ferdy Felano, on the sidelines of the opening of the Frank & Co. at Living World Denpasar, Monday (Jul 3).

Indonesia is very rich in cultural arts classified as unique and interesting. This uniqueness inspired Frank & Co. to make it into a piece of jewelry, be it a necklace, bracelet or ring. It would be the product of Frank & Co. unlike any other. “After the Kecak Dance, it is possible that it will promote other Balinese arts and culture. Of course, it will be preceded by discoveries and surveys, so that later on it will become more interesting,” he affirmed.

Bali, which is rich in culture, has become a world destination. Thus, it becomes a potential market for Frank & Co. Local residents as well as tourists are still interested in wearing jewelry because of that, the jewelry company under the auspices of Central Mega Kencana (CMK) opened a new outlet at Living World Denpasar. “This is proof of Frank & Co’s commitment which provides the best services for customers in Bali and its surroundings wishing to get quality diamond jewelry,” he said.

After 27 years, the quality and trusted diamond jewelry brand opens its second outlet in Bali, having previously been present at Trans Studio Mall Bali. The existence of this new outlet signifies the commitment of Frank & Co. which provides the best service for customers in Bali and its surroundings who want quality diamond jewelry. “We always prioritize the best service and product innovation. This is our way of providing better services for the community,” he said.

According to Ferdy Felano, there is the problem of the market for Bali local residents becoming the main market. While foreign tourists are not so much. However, for expatriates, there are also those who are interested. “Frank & Co. founded in 1996 has strengthened its position as a luxury diamond jewelry brand that always puts quality first. Since the official certification from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), a leading non-profit organization from the United States that analyzes the quality of every gemstone, including diamonds,” he explained. The certificate serves as proof, each centerpiece of a diamond pendant, ring, and luxury diamond earrings from Frank & Co. has color level F (flawless) and clarity VVS (very very slightly included). (BTN/015)

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