Knitting a Love Story at Renaissance Bali Nusa Dua Resort

Knitting a Love Story at Renaissance Bali Nusa Dua Resort

If you want to have the most fascinating wedding experience, do it at Renaissance Bali Nusa Dua. This resort with a traditional Balinese theater concept has the most fantastic wedding facilities, named The Cove. This venue is able to create the dream of every bride and groom. “We have The Cove where to organize wet weddings. The pool water can go up and down with a cool tropical forest panorama that can make every bride’s dream come true,” said Director of Marketing Communications, Dewi Karmawan, on Monday (May 23).

Marriage is everyone’s dream. So, start a wonderful new chapter by saying wedding vows in a stylish venue. The Cove is the coolest wedding venue with an aisle that runs right in the heart of the Jungle Pool. The crown is a stretch of lush greenery and an artificial waterfall that looks natural. “The Cove is adopted from one of the distinguished movie storyline. This unique wedding venue applies a natural concept which has a view with a very perfect background,” added this friendly woman.

Being at The Cove, the bride and groom will say “I am willing” in the midst of a natural atmosphere with a shady forest nuance. Every bride will experience dramatic and exciting moments as king and queen on the special day. The bride and groom can walk barefoot in a luxurious wedding dress down the aisle with an unusual sensation of walking on water or by wearing high heels walking down the aisle without water for a more elegant celebration style. “We are sure that the bridal couple will feel happy to spend this moment,” she said.

The Cove is a very beautiful venue surrounded by tropical vertical gardens, beautifully decorated with luxurious chandeliers, scattered hanging crystals, wild leaves and exotic flowers. With a unique venue concept like in a forest, it will offer a moment that is second to none, especially with the extraordinary background in the Nusa Dua area. “Well, what are you waiting for? Book The Enchanted Cove wedding package,” said Dewi Karmawan

The package, explained the woman who has been in the tourism industry for decades, includes two hours of use of The Cove, contemporary setting and decoration of the ceremony for 24 people, buffet dinner or 4 courses of set menu, altar table and fresh flower arrangements, two-tiered Renaissance wedding cake, fairy lights and flower arrangements at the dinner reception table, in-house sound navigator by DJ Anastasia, one-night stay in the Executive Suite for the bride and groom, 90-minute spa treatment for the bride and groom and use of the room for 2 hours before the wedding ceremony. “Anyway, there are many facilities of the wedding package to welcome your new life journey,” she said.

Since opening in December 2021, The Cove at the Renaissance Bali Nusa Dua Resort has been used by a bridal couple from East Java. At the time of the wedding, the atmosphere is just like in the cave, where the invitees can only watch and see from the top of the cave. So, everything looks very unique because each wall is a green plant that becomes wonderful when being highlighted by the lights. “Curious? Just try it first,” said Dewi Karmawan. (BTN/015)

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