Kopitiam Kotacane of Typical Medan, Now Present in Denpasar

Kopitiam Kotacane of Typical Medan, Now Present in Denpasar

If you are a fan of Kopitiam Kotacane, you do not have to go to Medan. Just come to Kopitiam Kotacane located at Jalan Pemogan No. 909, Denpasar. This coffee shop is a branch of Kopitiam Kotacane posing the only one and fourth generation in Bali.

Coffee lovers will definitely know the taste because it is processed in a traditional way. Starting from the manufacture, filtering to processing is still the same when this coffee first appeared. The ingredients in the form of coffee beans are brought in from Medan to maintain the original taste. The matter of price, you can definitely drink even though during the pandemic.

Aside from the coffee bean imported from Medan, the glass is also specially prepared with a thick and truly classic style. The thick glass greatly affects the taste of the coffee served. Currently, there are many drinks that offer contemporary concepts, but the Kotacane Kopitiam still maintains its eternality, so that the taste is well maintained. The target market is people aged 40 years and over. “Our market is old people who really like drinking coffee. With this coffee, I want to calm down them,” said the owner and manager, Dewi Lim, on Thursday (Sep 16).

Kopitiam Kotacane was opened on Tuesday (Sep 15) and the coffee bean specially brought in to Bali by Dewi Lim, who is the fourth descendant. She, who has lived in Bali for 6 years, was previously a Mandarin-speaking guide who used to take care of tourists. However, after the pandemic the profession was abandoned and then tried to sell Kopitiam Kotacane. “I also sell cendol with a different taste in the Kuta area. I started this business in responding to the pandemic. In essence, I want to treat the longing of coffee drinkers, especially those who have experienced the taste of Kopitiam Kotacane,” she said.

During this promotion period, the price of a cup of Kopitiam Kotacane is IDR 10,000, while for the normal price will be IDR 15,000. For young people who are willing to innovate, you can try this coffee. The results of the ancestral heritage are definitely stronger, so do not be afraid to try something old, more original and pure with traditional drinks. “Even though this pandemic has an impact on me, I do not want to go home. I am confident it will rise. Especially in Bali, as long as there is a business, it can definitely rise,” she said excitedly.

Interestingly, when drinking Kopitiam Kotacane at this shop, you do not only get coffee, but also a fat chicken menu. Dewi Lim wanted to combine fat chicken with coffee. Fat chickens having been familiar will be one of the unique selling points. People who are looking for chicken will be introduced to coffee. They will drink coffee with peculiarity. “Therefore, drinking coffee here can be accompanied with toast and half-cooked eggs like the old days,” she concluded. (BTN/015)

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