Kori Restaurant & Bar Holds Beach Cleaning Day

Kori Restaurant & Bar Holds Beach Cleaning Day

Bali is famous for its exotic culture and lovely nature. So, it is natural that Bali is often dubbed as the heaven of the world. Tourists really like Bali due to the hospitality of its people as well as its charming nature. Moreover, the beach is very popular with tourists who come to this Island of Thousand Temple. One of the most popular destinations is Kuta Beach, and this white sandy beach is very close to Kori Restaurant & Bar. “On that account, we always maintain the cleanliness of Kuta Beach,” said General Manager of Kori Restaurant & Bar, Putu Eka Agusyasha, during the cleaning action on Kuta Beach, Sunday (Jan 22).

The beach clean-up action entitled “Beach Cleaning Day” is a form of Kori’s concern for the surrounding nature. The activity was also one of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs in which all employees participated enthusiastically. The activity began with gathering together, and then heading to Kuta Beach, collecting plastic waste, leaves, and tree trunks having been washed up in the beach area. “If the beach has been clean, guests will like to come here. If the guests are busy, they will need to eat and drink, so stop by at Kori Restaurant & Bar,” he added.

Putu Eka Agusyasha further added that the activity is not only aimed at increasing awareness of environment. The Beach Cleaning Day activity was also intended to familiarize one employee with other employees and foster a sense of mutual cooperation within the team. The Beach Cleaning Day activity was ended by returning together to the restaurant and enjoying a meal to increase intimacy. (BTN/015)

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