‘Le Magnifique de Wastra Bali’ Fashion Show in Paris

‘Le Magnifique de Wastra Bali’ Fashion Show in Paris

The famous fashion house Christian Dior sent two of its management to attend the fashion event entitled Le Magnifique de Wastra Bali or The Magnificent of Wastra Bali. The fashion show initiated by the Chairperson of Dekranasda Bali, Mrs. Putri Koster, was held at Le Salon des Miroirs, Paris, on Saturday noon (Dec 10, 2022) Local Time. One of Dior’s representatives, Lorenzo Brazio, stated that he really enjoyed the fashion show featuring the works by four Balinese designers who used traditional Balinese fabrics, especially Balinese Endek.

Throughout the fashion show, Brazio seemed to be seriously observing and never stopped taking pictures and recording with his cell phone. Almost all of the fashion designs made from Balinese Endek displayed by the fashion models were snapped and recorded. “I am very interested in the types of fabrics and materials used in the designs presented by these designers from Bali,” said Lorenzo after attending the fashion event.

After the fashion event, Lorenzo did not immediately leave the venue, he approached all the designers from Bali. In detail, he asked one by one the name and type of cloth used along with the motifs as well as the region of origin. “It’s incredible, very beautiful and attractive,” said Dior’s fashion stylist while confirming and reassuring that the Balinese Endek cloth does not use machines in its process or is really traditionally woven with human hands or known as Non-Mechanical Loom (ATBM).

Brazio hoped that Dior’s collaboration with the Bali Provincial Government can continue according to the MoU that was previously signed. In the future, he continued, Dior will provide wider opportunities for Balinese designers to share their experiences, especially in developing a fashion design business made from Balinese Endek. In the same place, the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to France, Andorra, Monaco as well as the Permanent Delegate of the Republic of Indonesia to UNESCO, Mohamad Oemar, when opening the Fashion event expressed his appreciation and gratitude to Mrs. Putri Koster, designers and artisans of Balinese traditional woven fabrics who persistently and continuously fight for Balinese wastra on the international stage and bring Indonesia’s name to an even greater reputation at the international level.

Furthermore, the ambassador from Semarang stated that so far there had been quite a number of fashion shows from Indonesia held in Paris while mentioning several places where they were held. “This time, I am proud to present a fashion show that is truly distinctive, using Balinese traditional woven fabrics,” he said with an enthusiastic expression on his face and was greeted with applause from the invitees who filled Le Salon des Miroirs.

After the fashion show, the media in Paris seemed to surround Mrs. Putri Koster. They asked the reasons for holding Fashion Show in Paris. According to Mrs. Putri Koster, Paris has become the mecca of world fashion, inspiring her to hold Fashion Show in Paris. Moreover, Dior has made Balinese Endek into his design material. Furthermore, this wife of the Governor of Bali, Wayan Koster, briefly stated that clothing is not just fashion, but also shows national identity. Models may follow world trends, but still not lose their identity. (BTN/r)

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