Learn to Dance at FuramaXclusive Resort & Villas Ubud

Learn to Dance at FuramaXclusive Resort & Villas Ubud

FuramaXclusive Resort & Villas Ubud has a program to teach children Balinese dance in the hotel environment. The hotel featuring a rural atmosphere collaborates with the PWP Saraswati Windu Kumara Kindergarten at Bindu Village, Bali. “This initiative aims to support and advance local communities through Balinese dance training programs and developing children’s talents,” said General Manager of Furama Ubud, Gusti Murthi, Monday (Aug 28).

This dance training activity is part of FuramaXclusive Resort & Villas Ubud’s commitment to contributing to social and educational development in the surrounding community. “We provide space and personnel to carry out Balinese dance training for PWP Saraswati Windu Kumara Kindergarten students,” she said happily.

In a warm and friendly atmosphere, children from the PWP Saraswati Windu Kumara Kindergarten can practice Balinese dance with enthusiasm in the resort area. “This training does not only help the kindergarten have useful activities for the students, but also opens up opportunities for them to develop their interests and talents in traditional Balinese arts and culture,” she explained.

This activity had a deep impact, not only for the students, but also for hotel guests who can watch the dance practice at breakfast time every Saturday. “FuramaXclusive Resort & Villas Ubud believes that integrating local cultural activities with guests’ stay experience is an effective way to introduce the charm and richness of Balinese culture,” she explained.

FuramaXclusive Resort & Villas Ubud also provides opportunities for children to appear in certain events at the hotel. The children will be part of attractions that bring Balinese culture to life in various dinner events involving hotel guests and staff. “With this, the resort does not only contribute to the personal development of children, but also plays an important role in preserving and appreciating the rich culture of Bali,” she said.

Bindu Village, with its unique natural beauty, has great potential for further development. FuramaXclusive Resort & Villas Ubud understands well the importance of being actively involved in helping local communities realize their potential. Through this initiative, the resort seeks to provide opportunities for younger generation to grow and develop holistically.

With the spirit of participating in the development of the local community, FuramaXclusive Resort & Villas Ubud hoped to provide a sustainable positive impact. This collaborative activity is only the beginning of many activities that have been planned by FuramaXclusive Resort & Villas Ubud. “This resort is committed to developing sustainable programs that support education, arts, culture and the local economy,” concluded GM Gusti Murthi. (BTN/015)

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