Let’s Enjoy Mangrove Tour and Waterspot Aqua Dreamland at Gilimanuk

Let’s Enjoy Mangrove Tour and Waterspot Aqua Dreamland at Gilimanuk

If your hobby is traveling, once in a while schedule your holiday to a tourist attraction in Jembrana District. This tourist area in the westernmost Bali is no less delightful than tourist attractions in other areas. Its exoticism, cleanliness and serenity can definitely provide a fascinating experience while traveling there. Call it the Gilimanuk tourist area. This tourist spot directly opposite to the Island of Java offers compelling tourist attractions. Gilimanuk located in Melaya subdistrict, Jembrana, Bali, is the gateway to Bali from the Island of Java by sea.

Once making a trip to Gilimanuk, you will definitely get fun because various tourist attractions can be enjoyed here. For example, the Mangrove Tour and Waterspot Aqua Dreamland. These two tourist attractions are part of around nine tourist attractions on offer. “If you want to enjoy all the attractions in the tourist area of Gilimanuk, maybe it will not be enough within a day because this area has so many tourist attractions and it’s a shame if you do not visit it,” said Head of the Jembrana Tourism and Culture Office, Kadek Mirah Ananta Sukma Dewi, on Friday (Mar 5).

Mangrove Tour, for example, will invite visitors to explore the green and wonderful mangrove forests. To be able to explore the mangrove forest, visitors can rent a fishing boat leaning on the beach. Visitors are invited to see as well as be given knowledge about plants functioned to prevent sea abrasion. “This attraction has a lot of enthusiasts, especially young people who like nature. This includes children and adults. They like to go around the forest, while digging up information, especially about the benefits of plants in the sea,” explained Mirah kindly.

Through this Mangrove Tour package, visitors can also enjoy the view of Gilimanuk Bay with a stretch of mangroves that fortifies along the coast. In the afternoon, when the seawater recedes, visitors can go down to the beach and have a promenade to the middle of the bay because the area has turned into land. “When the seawater recedes, visitors can take a walk to feel the beach atmosphere. If getting lucky, visitors coming down will be able to see various marine animals on the spot,” she added.

Remaining in the area, visitors can enjoy one of the biggest rides on water playground in Gilimanuk Bay. The rides on water are portable or can be moved and have been operating since 2019. This rides are the equipment of one of the leading providers of water rides in the world, namely Wibit. Apart from being safe, all of the equipment use eco-friendly and safe materials. Children and teenagers love this game. “Maybe the mode of games is the same as those in other places, but the atmosphere is definitely different,” said Mirah convincingly.

Mirah further added that the facilities to this area are quite good, so that visitors can come by using public or private transportation. As an entry point, Gilimanuk has developed into a small town with a heterogenous population whose livelihoods are fishermen, service providers, traders, public and private employees as well as laborers. “When arriving at Gilimanuk Harbor, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy their holiday in person. It happens because Gilimanuk is very rich in tourist attractions,” she concluded. (BTN/015)

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