Let’s Make a Visit to Sangeh Monkey Forest

Let’s Make a Visit to Sangeh Monkey Forest

The increase in international flights to Ngurah Rai International Airport also has an impact on the visits of foreign tourists to tourist destination. For example, it also happens to the visit of foreign tourists to the Sangeh Monkey Forest at Sangeh Village, Abiansemal, Badung. The tourist attraction relying on the cuteness of monkeys and the nutmeg forest draws foreign tourists, in addition to domestic ones. “Since the beginning of 2022, foreign tourist visits have continued to flow to Sangeh Monkey Forest,” said Operations Manager, Made Mohon, on Tuesday (Jul 26).

Even though there has been an increase in foreign tourist arrivals starting in early 2022, domestic tourists still dominates the visits. In January 2022, the number of foreign tourists visited reached 233 people, in February dropped to 216, in March increased to 279, April (721), May (1.638), and June (2.026). Meanwhile, for July until today, the number of foreign tourist visit amounted to 2,024 people. Tourist visits were dominated by Poland, Turkey, Germany, the Netherlands and other European countries as well as India and Australia.

Made Mohon further added that when combined, the number of visits by domestic and foreign tourists to Sangeh Monkey Forest fluctuates every month. However, in the last two months there has been an increase, namely 4,756 (January), 1,232 (February), 2,287 (March), 1,770 (April), 6,259 (May) and 8,013 in June. Meanwhile, for July until July 26, there were only 3,216 people. “We are very grateful as foreign tourists have started to come back to Sangeh Monkey Forest, in addition to domestic tourists who always visit,” said this former hotel employee.

Even though these are difficult times, Made Mohon admitted that the ticket price is the same as before, namely for adult foreign tourist is sold at IDR 30,000, and child foreign tourists at IDR 15,000 while for domestic adult is IDR 15,000 and children at IDR 5,000. In this era of the epidemic, the management continues to do their job well. It starts from maintaining cleanliness, the beauty of the park, preserving the nutmeg forest to maintaining the health of the monkeys becoming the main attractions. (BTN/015)

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