Let’s Stay at SenS Hotel & Spa, Ubud

Let’s Stay at SenS Hotel & Spa, Ubud

Tourism players, especially those engaged in the hospitality industry in Bali, are starting to feel a little relieved. The reason is that foreign airlines continuously move to the Island of the Gods by transporting passengers who want to vacation in Bali. However, the number of foreign tourists is not as busy as before the pandemic, so that many hotels have not experienced it. “During the two-year pandemic, we at SenS Hotel only got 18 foreign tourists staying at our hotel producing a total of 19 room-nights,” said General Manager of SenS Hotel & Spa, Sven Remo, on Wednesday (Mar 23).

Since the international border opened on February 4, 2022, foreign tourists who are customers of SenS Hotel have responded very positively. They are very enthusiastic to visit and come back to Bali. However, there are a number of things that become obstacles, such as the process and time required for foreign tourists who land in Bali to be able to go out and enjoy their vacation. “The obstacles experienced by foreign tourists include queues and the PCR test process at the airport, the queue and the Visa on Arrival (VoA) process, the immigration process at the airport and the process of picking up luggage and customs,” he explained.

With the enactment of free quarantine, there is a hope for Bali tourism, especially in Ubud, to recover quickly. Therefore, SenS Hotel is committed to maintaining the hotel in accordance with health protocols while living a new era of life. During the pandemic, SenS Hotel never closed, but only some of the rooms were operated. “However, all rooms are ready to sell. During the pandemic, the hotel area and all of our rooms carry out regular cleaning and maintenance so that our rooms and hotels are always ready to sell at any time,” he added.

The government’s policy of providing free quarantine for foreign tourists must be accompanied by standards for implementing good health protocols. Both the management and the owner are committed to providing the best for all guests from the beginning. “Therefore, we ensure that all health protocols are met. Our hotel already has got a certificate for the New Era of Living Order in the field of tourism or hospitality. Besides, it has a Cleanliness, Health, Safety, and Environmental Sustainability (CHSE) certificate. As our commitment, SenS Hotel will always comply with and implement all health protocols as recommended by the government,” he continued.

The hotel located on Jalan Sukma Banjar Tebesaya, Ubud, Gianyar, comes with rooms designed in very modern style with a Balinese traditional touch and equipped with various facilities having been very popular with domestic and foreign tourists. (BTN/015)

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