Let’s Stay at The Sankara Resort & Spa

Let’s Stay at The Sankara Resort & Spa

The Eid holiday some time ago became an important moment for the operators of tourist attractions in each region to increase turnover or income from visitors. This is strongly supported by the easing of government policies to carry out Eid homecoming. “Indonesians have a strong economy. Domestic tourists coming to Ubud are usually from Jakarta and Surabaya. Currently, a lot of domestic tourists have traveled to Ubud, perhaps avoiding the bustling in southern Bali. In terms of composition, approximately 80 percent of tourists occupied our property during the recent Eid holiday season,” said General Manager of The Sankara Resort & Spa by Pramana Ubud, Vaundra Aristra, recently.

Domestic tourists contributed greatly to the increase in the hotel occupancy during the Eid holidays. It can be seen from the number of local tourist arrivals in mid-April which experienced a large increase. Hotel occupancy rates increased quite high, from 30 percent to 80 percent in the range, even reaching 100 percent or fully booked during the Eid holiday season. “Even now, the occupancy remains quite stable in the range of 60 percent to 75 percent, and is starting to be covered again with the arrival of foreign tourists,” he affirmed.

Since the opening of the international border, foreign tourists have slowly and consistently started to fill in room occupancy. This is the real moment we have been waiting for. Looking at the current position, foreign tourists are starting to re-fill the room occupancy rate mostly consisting of the Australian market. “This market is seen growing significantly, showing significant increase every day up to 21 percent based on statistical data on hotel search traffic for this Ubud area,” he explained.

The prediction of the occupancy rate of The Sankara Resort & Spa by Pramana for the next three months starting to increase is in the range of above 50 percent. The number of hotel reservations can continue to increase if tourism can return to grow in the future, especially in welcoming the end of this year. “We remain committed to maintaining the trust of guests by keeping and continuing to improve the quality of all directions, services, facilities, food, beverage as well as resort experiences and activities,” he added.

Vaundra Aristra further added that The Sankara Resort & Spa by Pramana carries a much different concept from the resorts in the southern Bali area. This can be seen from the location and atmosphere offered. The Sankara Resort & Spa by Pramana is located in a quiet tropical area with stunning rice field views. It is appropriate for tourists who want to take a break from the routine of life in the city. “In this emergency response situation, it is not the right time to do direct promotion (hard selling). I see that traffic of using social media during this holiday period can be used as a moment to build communication and increase good engagement between destination operators and followers or potential tourists,” he concluded. (BTN/015)

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