Liga Surfing Indonesia Season Two Officially Begins This Weekend

Liga Surfing Indonesia Season Two Officially Begins This Weekend

The Asian Surfing Cooperative (ASC) and Persatuan Selancar Ombak Indonesia (PSOI) are excited to announce the official beginning of the second season of Liga Surfing Indonesia (LSI), Asia’s first national surfing league, coming up this weekend from 16-17 April. 17 clubs from across Indonesia, from West Java to Rote Island, have registered and will start the 2022 season by running their first of 5 club events that ultimately lead to the LSI Grand Finals, planned for 11-13 September.

The Liga Surfing Indonesia brings together Indonesia’s top surf clubs in a yearly competition series directed at creating a sustainable pathway of surfing development, starting with boys and girls 10 years and younger, then Junior and Open men and women (16 to 35), and Masters (over 35 years in age), professionally organized and managed in line with established industry rules and codes of conduct. Each club runs 5 individual events to determine the rankings in each division, and the top four ranked surfers in each division are eligible to compete in the Grand Final against the other club’s top ranked surfers. The Live Heats online competition program is used by the clubs for scoring the surfers and determining rankings.

The inaugural 2021 season saw 15 clubs joining the LSI, and after a COVID-challenged season that caused the delay of the Grand Final until March of 2022, a total of 197 surfers from as far away as West Java and Sumbawa came to Bali with their top 4 ranked surfers in each division to compete for the LSI’s Number 1 ranking position and win cash, trophies and prizes in this first-ever Indonesian surfing league national final.

ASC President and PSOI Secretary General Tipi Jabrik is looking forward to building on the success of the first year of LSI. “ LSI 2021 was very challenging due to the situation with COVID, but with the amazing support of the clubs, sponsors, PSOI, and our great ASC team, we managed to put it all together and have a fantastic Grand Final at Kuta Beach this last March, so a big thanks to all” he stated. “We have added up a few new clubs now, so we are excited about the interest in the growth of surfing in Indonesia.

For 2022, we are trying to get more support from the government, tourism and youth and sports particularly, as surfing is a great medium for growth of tourism, the economy, and national pride as a growing sport in Indonesia. This development is all about having more surfers like Rio Waida representing Indonesia in the Olympics and other big international events…and this is the platform that will make it happen. We’re fortunate this year to have East Ventures believing in us and helping us to reach our goals, and we hope this will attract more corporate entities to support surfing as well. With more support, surfing in Indonesia can grow and provide a big economic impact to all that are associated with it,” added Jabrik.

Here are the winners of the Liga Surfing Indonesia Grand Final 2021 that took place from 11-13 March 2022 at Kuta Beach: Under 10 Gede Darma Wisesa (Legian, Bali), Junior Gilang Edwar (Batu Karas, West Java), Women Dhea Natasya (Kuta, Bali), Men Dhany Widianto (Kuta, Bali), Master Dedi Santoso (Kuta, Bali), Club Champion Halfway Kuta Boardriders (Kuta, Bali). (BTNr/bud)

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