Lingga Acala by Maha Widya Natya Art Studio Explores Nature

Lingga Acala by Maha Widya Natya Art Studio Explores Nature

Even though this literary art show is more emphasized on the advancement of multimedia, traditional elements such as vocals, dance and music still get the focus in its performance. All elements of the art do not stand alone, but explore nature, so that there are positive meanings presented. Moral messages, especially maintaining a sustainable nature, are the core of the performance, so that every movement, costume, property and venue is very supportive. Music is not only an illustration, but also giving the spirit to every movement and able to give color to every single scene.

It is the presentation of the Maha Widya Natya Art Studio at the Balinese Language Month (BLM) 2021 program broadcast through YouTube Channel of the Bali Culture Office on Saturday (Feb. 6) at 19:00 Local Time. The performance carrying the title Lingga Acala tells the story about the Churning of Mount Mandara Giri as a form of elaboration from the theme of the Balinese Language Month event, namely Wana Kerthi. On that account, the shooting spots are all in nature, such as in Batuyang Natural Stone area, and some places in Guwang, Gianyar.

Tones of gender gamelan instrument and strains of classical song music as accompaniment sounded to merge with nature. The dancers move as if they were one with nature. They dance in mud, water and in grand entrance gates is not without meaning. All of this comes from literature revealed through multimedia art. “The concept of this work is the development of multimedia by adopting the story of the Churning of Mandara Giri. All vocal elements and dance movements explore nature, so that they fit the theme of the Balinese Language Month, namely the Wana Kerthi,” said Ketut Rudita, who is familiarly called Sokir in the stage art.

Supported by 35 dancers, musicians and other crews, the performance tells stories that in ancient times, there were never-ending earthquakes in the Land of Java that shook the world. It all started from the absence of a mountain or Giri Mandara as a natural  counterweight. Such condition resulted in the Lord Mahakarana sending the Gods, Resieng Langit, Suranggana, Widyadara and Gandara to immediately go to Jambu Dwipa to take part of Mount Mahameru to be placed in Java, for the sake of peace and prosperity of Java.

When churning the Mount Mahameru, unexpectedly, the gods lost their strength and drank the water coming out of the mountain. The water is called Kalakuta that can result in someone losing their life. Realizing this condition, Lord Parameswara immediately wiped and drank the water. That is why he is called Lord Nila Kanta. Since he succeeded in awakening his mind, then Lord Parameswara cut or changed the kalakuta holy water into Tirta Amertha Siwamba. It was the Tirta Amretha that finally brought the gods back to life so that they were back to normal. (BTN/015)

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