Lion X Serves Cantonese and Szechuan Cuisines

Lion X Serves Cantonese and Szechuan Cuisines

For you who like Chinese food, try to taste the pleasure of various menus at Lion X, Renaissance Bali Nusa Dua Resort. This typical restaurant of the Bamboo Curtain Country, inspired by the Barongsai Dance, one of the most popular Chinese culture that is now spreading all over the world. “Lion X is a modern concept of Chinese restaurant specializing in Cantonese and Szechuan cuisines. This restaurant opened on January 29, 2023,” said the Director of Marketing Communications of the Renaissance Bali Nusa Dua Resort, Dewi Karmawan, on Thursday (Feb 2).

The lion dance began in the late Han dynasty (206 BC-220 AD), when lions were brought to North China from Central Asia as gifts for emperors, and animal representations began to be incorporated into existing traditions. Based on the depiction of living creatures in Chinese myths, the anatomy of a lion is believed to ward off evil spirits, while the dance itself symbolizes luck and fortune. “Departing from this myth, Lion X will provide the best services to all visitors,” she added.

Lion X is open for lunch (12:00-15:00) and dinner (18:00-22:30), led in person by a Chinese Chef, offering a la carte food choices to visitors. It sits right next to R Bar, a newly opened Chinese dining venue in Southern Bali area which is ready to serve up to 114 people, including in a private dining room and an outdoor dining area.

This Chinese restaurant designed with great detail provides a Chinese style lounge in front of the main entrance, which is one of the photo spots. Dominated by green and red in the interior, symbolizing luck and wealth, Lion X features unscripted artwork on all sides. Chinese cuisine is an all-time favorite and has been around for thousands of years. “Cantonese food is considered the most influential type of Chinese food and is relatively milder than others, while Szechuan food is known for its spiciness and boldness,” she assured.

Lion X offers several signature dishes from Chef Alex Kuan such as Signature 8 Treasure Flamed Chicken, Flying Crispy Noodles with Seafood and Egg Gravy in Cantonese Style, Braised Whole Australian “2 Head Abalone” and Seasonal Vegetables, Steamed Hokkaido Scallop with Minced Garlic Butter and Glass Noodles. “For Dim sum fans, Hong Kong Dim Sum options are also available on the menu,” he added.

To complete the meals, guests can enjoy unique drinks from the bar at Lion X, such as Disco Dragon, Canton Tea Party, Bun Bun, Dragon Fist, and many other drink options. Lion X offers the ideal venue for celebrations and casual gatherings. “For further information and reservations, please e-mail to,” concluded Dewi. (BTN/015)

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