Luggher Koffie Serves Great Coffee in Downtown

Luggher Koffie Serves Great Coffee in Downtown

Never satisfied with your own coffee? Try to taste the delicious coffee blended by Luggher Koffie. It must be delicious and you will be made addictive. Luggher Koffie serves coffee blends from Arabica + Robusta Coffee with the name Balance Blend from Gangga Coffee at

Hello Citizen is a nickname for loyal consumers. Denpasar residents who are coffee lovers are not only served with a completely different aroma of coffee, but also supported by a fantastic and comfortable drinking atmosphere. Coffee fanatics will definitely feel at home, and will want to come again.

Luggher Koffie ( is located in downtown precisely on Jalan Suli, Tonja Village, North Denpasar, Denpasar City. This coffee shop in the heart of Bali Province’s capital is equipped with spacious parking facilities, indoor and outdoor seating in accordance with the choice of visitors and a green back garden that makes the atmosphere more beautiful. “We do provide a venue for coffee fanatics. They drink quality coffee and they feel at home,” said the owner, Dewantara Narrotama and Putu Surya in unison.

Luggher Koffie is open every day from 09:00 to 21:00. Coffee fans who visit will be served various types of coffee drinks. More interestingly, each coffee blended by Luggher Koffie is named a flower, so that it becomes more beautiful other than delicious. Menu signatures offered are Suli Coffee (espresso blend, milk and brown sugar), Ratna Coffee (espresso, sweetened condensed milk and milk) and Sandat Coffee (espresso, caramel and milk). Each coffee menu is offered at different price. “Suli, Ratna, and Sandat Coffee are three of the most special coffee blends,” he said.

Meanwhile, the visitor’ favorite coffee is the Citizen Sandat & Latte. The Citizen’s Latte Coffee is also the most favored by young people. From morning to evening, there are always visitors coming to taste the delicious coffee. However, the visit will turn more crowded usually at 18:00 to 20:00 Local Time. “Each coffee is offered at very affordable price where we provide it within price range of IDR 18,000 to IDR 25,000,” they said mutually completing.

Dewantara Narrotama admitted that the Luggher Koffie he manages is a way to remember his grandmother who really likes coffee every day. Grandma Lugger’s coffee is known to be very tasty and distinctive. The neighbors are curious about how to mix the delicious coffee made by Grandma Luggher. “In addition to remembering grandmother’s coffee, we want to share delicious coffee with coffee lovers,” he explained. (BTN/015)

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