Lully Juliarina

Lully Juliarina

After officially serving as General Manager (GM) of Grand Inna Bali Beach, Lully Juliarina immediately took action. This energetic woman offers a program of service to guests outside the hotel. This means that if previously the employees of Grand Inna Bali Beach only served in-house guests, now they are innovating to provide services for homes, offices, institutions and companies owned by customers. “During this pandemic, it is not easy to bring in guests, so that we are trying to offer other services,” said Lully Juliarina, on Monday (Jul 26).

When the government issued a policy of Imposition of Public Activity Restrictions (PPKM) indicated its citizens to stay at home, it also offers new activities, so that they could still serve loyal customers. “To bring in revenue today, we have to rack our brains to provide ready-to-delivery services. During this restriction period, we have a delivery or takeaway program with user friendly applications that are easily accessible online by customers by presenting various hotel menus ready to be delivered. This is to serve guests (customers) outside the hotel,” she explained.

This Jakarta-born woman having 21 years of experience in the hospitality sector admitted that the service is to treat customers’ longing for the menus of Grand Inna Bali Beach. Likewise, it is also to provide opportunities for the public to experience the typical menus of this historic hotel. During this pandemic, there are tips for choosing menus to stay healthy. The menu choices are varied. Surely, they must have a very preferred source of carbohydrates and increase the consumption of vegetables and fruit to meet the needs of vitamins and fiber. “I just encourage them to be more active and add new activities. This hotel has done everything,” she said happily.

Another program, continued this friendly woman who has wealth of work experience, is to provide cleaning services and room arrangement with hotel standards carried out by the Housekeeping Department. Housekeeping officers who have experience in their fields are ready to conjure up homes, offices, agencies, companies and others to be clean, tidy and beautiful like the arrangement at a hotel.

“We also provide housekeeping services as a form of our support to the community during the pandemic who prioritizes cleanliness for health. Our Housekeeping team has been trusted to provide cleaning services in one of the government agencies,” she said proudly. All the materials and tools used are all hotel standard, so the quality is definitely the best. “We are ready to serve customers who are at home or in offices that want cleanliness with hotel standard. So, customers do not hesitate to use our services. Should you get interested, please contact us immediately,” she concluded while promoting. (BTN/015)

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    August 18, 2022, 1:37 PM

    Hi, Lully!
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