M2 Red-and-White Exhibition at Gajah Mas Gallery

M2 Red-and-White Exhibition at Gajah Mas Gallery

Gajah Mas Gallery showcases the beauty of Indonesia’s charm through a painting exhibition entitled ‘M2 Red-and-White.’ The exhibition in the atmosphere of the 76th Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia (RI) displays the works from renowned Indonesian painting maestro, namely Mohammed and Mozes (M2). This exhibition is open to the public and will last for a whole month starting from August 17 through September 17, 2021.

In this exhibition, Gajah Mas Gallery, located at Purana Suite Ubud, precisely at Jalan Raya Pengosekan No. 1, Mas, Ubud, Gianyar, is displayed dozens of private collections that describe the beauty of Indonesia’s charm as expressed through color, shape, and expression by renowned painters Mohammed and Mozes. “Mohammed is famous for his figure paintings with a touch of Byzantine Mosaic on a textured gold background. Meanwhile, Mozes is known for his beautiful expressionism paintings with stacked palette techniques. The two maestros equally render a service in showing off the beauty of Indonesia to the world’s eyes,” said General Manager, I Ketut Warasana.

Warasana further added that Gajah Mas Gallery together with Purana Suite Ubud are trying to provide space for painting artists and painting collectors to get back up, especially during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. “Right with the moment of the 76th Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia, hopefully this exhibition can spur the artists to continuously work and show off their existence in order to fulfill in the independence having been achieved by the Republic of Indonesia,” he said.

The location of this gallery is indeed very strategic, so that it is always interested to be visited. While visiting the exhibition, hotel guests feel safe and happy. Aside from offering a comfortable venue, it is also safe because it has implemented strict health protocols. “In-house guests at Purana Suite Ubud along with walk-in guests can enjoy the beauty of the paintings on display while enjoying drinks and food from Bale Gajah Resto which is an integral part of the gallery,” added Warasana while promoting. (BTN/015)

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