Maha Gangga Valley, a New and Unique Tourist Attraction in Karangasem

Maha Gangga Valley, a New and Unique Tourist Attraction in Karangasem

For those who have traveled to Maha Gangga Valley, they will be definitely happy, even addicted to reschedule their trip there. Well, that’s for sure because the tourist attraction located on Jalan Raya Tirta Gangga, Ababi village, Abang, Karangasem, is a very cool and new tourist spot. It is indeed not widely known, but once there, the natural atmosphere of the rice fields set against Mount Lempuyang is sure to make you feel comfortable.

Rice fields with a new natural atmosphere seem to provide therapy for those who are already bored with urban recreation spots, coastal nature, and shopping malls. The nature of the terraced rice fields is indeed not as beautiful as Jatiluwih, but in every terrace there are wonderful tourist attractions and the types are different.

Guests can choose different places in each of the rice fields. The rice fields are still sustainable, there are attractions and all of them are unique and can really fill recreational activities during a vacation in Bali.

All existing tourist attractions combine the beautiful charm of nature with the creativity of man-made rides, thus offering spectacular natural recreation areas. It’s perfect for selfie and photos against the stunning green hills and Mount Agung. In the southern area, you can see the charming blue sea of ​​Ujung Beach. The terraced rice fields offer interesting rides, such as a cone-shaped barn house, mini swing, bamboo alley, wooden bridge and a number of rides for other selfie.

The activities offered in about 4 hectares of rice fields such as camping recreation are in great demand by family tourists or those who like adventure nature tourism. The campsites are very unique, namely in the form of beautiful huts for beds, fireplaces, mattresses, blankets, pillows, flashlights, and hot water. “Bathing in the river with clear and clean water is very beautiful. It is located under the rice fields and really safe. We can swim in the wild and massage the body with a slightly hard shower,” said Ida Bagus Gotama, a man from Budakeling, happily.

In the rice fields, you can also do trekking in the middle of terraced rice fields. Places to eat and drink are very unique, namely huts with thatched roofs, and neatly arranged bamboo walls. A number of very interesting selfie spots are also available, some are in the form of wooden bridges, caves made of woven bamboo with legumes and other local vines, so that the various activities on offer at the location are indeed worth remembering, whether it is a vacation with family, children, colleagues or even for honeymoon couples.

Well, in order to take a walk to enjoy the tourist attractions in Maha Gangga Valley, visitors are required to pay an entrance ticket of IDR 20,000. If you want to enjoy a variety of drinks and food at the restaurant, an additional fee will be charged according to the price of the existing menus. “Visitors who want to experience the atmosphere of this tourist spot must implement health protocols. On weekdays, there are around 20 people making a visit, but during holidays they will be more crowded,” said Komang Santini, the ticket counter attendant who is on duty. (BTN/015)

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