Melangit Bali Adventure Offers New Ride Sensation at Bakas Tourism Village

Melangit Bali Adventure Offers New Ride Sensation at Bakas Tourism Village

Melangit Bali Adventure located at Kawan Hamlet, Bakas Village, is one of the new rides in Bakas Tourism Village, Banjarangkan subdistrict, Klungkung. This ride features kayaking, tubbing as well as a rest area serving food and drinks. This was seen when the Regent of Klungkung, I Nyoman Suwirta, attended the LF SP2020 event and the Inauguration of the Village Loves Statistics at Melangit Bali Adventure, Bakas Village, Banjarangkan subdistrict, on Monday (Aug 22).

Regent Suwirta, who spoke with the management, stated that the place is very beautiful to visit. He also invited all Klungkung people to participate in promoting Melangit Bali Adventure through social media. “Together, let’s build a tourism village by promoting it through social media so it is better known and to bring in tourists,” said Regent Suwirta.

Similarly, he invited the management to work together and strengthen the branding of the tourism village. “The branding power of this tourism village must be strong, and can collaborate with other tourism components. All tourist objects offered must be published on social media, fill in social media with the tourism village offered and update it continuously,” explained Regent Suwirta.

Operations Manager of Melangit Bali Adventure, Tude, stated that Melangit Bali Adventure is a water ride that carries out its activities in the Melangit River, where the Kayaking activity takes 1.5 hours of sensation in the water. Melangit Adventure also provides a rest area with a capacity of 50 people. “We also provide extensive outbound, family gathering and wedding events,” he concluded. (BTN/014)

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