“Men Tiwas Men Sugih”

“Men Tiwas Men Sugih”

Men Tiwas, Men Sugih or literally meaning ‘Poor Mom, Rich Mom,’ is a virtual literary art show by Sekdut Bali and the State Hindu University (UHN) I Gusti Bagus Sugriwa Denpasar was performed beautifully on the YouTube channel of the Bali Culture Office, on Wednesday (Feb. 3). The show wonderfully and meaningfully presented is an agenda of the virtual literary art show for the Balinese Language Month (BLM) 2021. The moral message is so prominent in the work adopted from the local folklore.

The work combining technological elements and aspects of the performing arts in a virtual art is very attractive because it presents various elements of the performing arts, such as theater, dance, illustrative music, song and others. This presentation proves that virtual performing arts are a new alternative in performing art presentation in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic situation that limits the space and appreciation of artists, especially live performances because it avoids mass crowds.

The concept of performing arts is not actualized on the stage, but in front of camera using cinematographic techniques. This work is visualized in the form of a video, with the concept of total theater, so it can give a different nuance from other short film works. All the players speak Balinese, and bring up various kinds of Balinese Paribasa presentation. There is creation of pupuh (a kind of traditional poetry) in accordance with the series of stories told. The flow of this work uses a forward flow with a center of characterization on Men Tiwas and Men Sugih.

The director, I Gede Tilem Pastika, is very observant in processing the contents of the stories as outlined in the distribution of plot scenes while still referring to literary sources provided by the Balinese Language Month Committee. Nevertheless, the director looks creative by including several improvised aspects of the story, so this work becomes a very fascinating presentation. This work is supported by 35 people consisting of directors, actors, dancers, musicians, cameramen, editors, and equipment crews who are students of the UHN I Gusti Bagus Sugriwa Denpasar and members of the Sekdut Bali Performing Arts Community.

The choreographer I Made Wira Ryandika and composer I Wayan Agus Widiastra seems to have the same imagination, so that the dance and music accompaniment are very harmonious. Musical accompaniment and vocals  really support every movement of the player and every scene, so that it becomes an alluring show. Dr. I Wayan Sugita as the coach is also very sensitive, so that the work is not only entertaining, but also conveying a positive message in living life.

Balinese Language Month Technical Executive, Made Mahesa Yuma Putra, said the Bali Government through the Culture Office is offering a virtual literary art presentation. It presents various fascinating themes raised by literary art activists who fill in the agenda for the Balinese Language Month 2021. “There are 16 art studios, art troupes and foundations engaged in the literary arts that take turns working on works of art according to the big theme of the Balinese Language Month 2021 namely Wana Kerthi: Sabdaning Taru Mahottama,” said Balinese Language Month Technical Executive, Made Mahesa Yuma Putra, on Thursday (Feb. 4).

The art studios or art troupes still have the opportunity to perform even during the Covid-19 pandemic. However, they must appear virtually and present a work that still refers to a big theme, namely Wana Kerthi. Conceptually, the studios present their work whose contents are taken from sacred sources with meaningful moral messages.

“It interprets the concept of the theme from various sources such as palm-leaf manuscripts, such as the Taru Pramana, Aji Janantaka, related to herbal healing and others. This performance is not only entertaining but also able to deliver messages or guidance for people’s life,” he explained. (BTN/015)

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