Mercure Kuta Beach Bali Celebrates International Women’s Day

Mercure Kuta Beach Bali Celebrates International Women’s Day

Celebration of the International Women’s Day at Mercure Kuta Beach Bali on Tuesday (Mar 7) ran festively and in educating manner. In the happy atmosphere, Mercure Kuta Beach Bali gave awards to the Spouse of Badung Regent, Ni Kadek Seniasih, and the Head of the Persit KCK Organization Section of the IX/Udayana to Mrs. Lusi Sachono. The appreciation was given by the Hotel Manager, Ni Made Pantri Arini, together with General Manager, Tony Andrianto, in a very friendly and togetherness atmosphere. After taking a group photo session, the event was then ended with a BBQ Dinner.

Pantri stated that both female figures are selected as role models as they have always motivated her to do her job. In addition to taking care of their family, the two female figures have a high spirit in making an effort. That’s why they do not depend on their husband alone. “It must always be remembered that the formation of character comes from the strength of mothers. We appreciate our two exemplary figures because these mothers have always dedicated themselves to the nation and state, who have always faithfully accompanied their husbands when carrying out their duties,” she said.

Her party was not wrong to choose the figure of Mrs. Seniasih as a role model. Even though she has already had complete facilities as the regent’s wife, she still lives as an ordinary woman who raises livestock. “When we visited her home village, she was feeding chickens. Honestly, we were fascinated so that made her an inspiration. No matter how busy our husband is, as women, we will be as independent as possible,” she explained.

So is Mrs. Lusi Sachono, as a soldier’s wife, she has always been independent. When the husband leaves her to carry out operations in other areas, the wife must be able to be independent. When the lights go out, the water turns off or the roof tile leaks, she has to be able to fix them. “We are very impressed with Mrs. Lusi Sachono. As a soldier’s wife assigned to move around for a short time, it is very demanding to be independent, and sometimes demanding to manage small businesses in order to still survive,” she said.

The celebration of International Women’s Day with the theme “Gender Equality” is filled with systematic counseling for women because mothers must be able to be role models for their children. “We at Accor are also committed to employing women by 50 percent. Hopefully, the mothers of the younger generation can continue to learn. Don’t be afraid to compete. Women from outside are trying to take chances in our country, so that we must be compatible with the capabilities we have,” concluded Pantri.

The celebration was enlivened by a Balinese dance performed by Mercure Kuta Beach Bali employees. The event was then filled with posed together and then with all the invitees. The celebration was then closed with a social gathering while enjoying BBQ Dinner on the roof top of the hotel. (BTN/015)

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