Merusaka and Grand Whiz Nusa Dua Ready to Receive WFB Guests

Merusaka and Grand Whiz Nusa Dua Ready to Receive WFB Guests

Hotel operators in The Nusa Dua area have made careful preparations, especially regarding the implementation of health protocols. This readiness is carried out to welcome the arrival of tourists who will work from Bali or known as the Work from Bali (WFB). “We implement the process strictly as well as a way to support Nusa Dua as a Green Zone. All employees have also been fully vaccinated,” said Marketing Communication Manager of Merusaka (formerly, Inaya Putri Bali), Patrisia Wikan, on Wednesday (Jun 16).

In other words, this friendly girl explained that the hotel does not only accept tourist visits, but also facilitates guests in living the new era of life and provides education on the implementation of health protocol so as to create a sense of security. Upon arrival, guests get complete information about the health protocols implemented at the Merusaka. These are listed on the reservation confirmation. “This information is to remind all guests who enter the hotel that we are living a new era of life during the pandemic. Everyone must change their behavior in maintaining health,” she said.

The health protocols implemented include checking the temperature at the hotel entrance and at the restaurant applied to everyone, namely guests and staff and employees. Similarly, there are use of disinfectant for cleaning guest luggage prior to check-in including in public facilities as well as rooms. Besides, spacing and the use of an ozone machine to kill bacteria and viruses from the air are now mandatory standards for cleaning guest rooms before guests check-in. “After that, the rooms are sealed as a sign that they have been thoroughly cleaned up and no one else enters the room other than the guest who will check in,” she explained.

In essence, this five-star hotel carries a new concept to satisfy the five senses, namely the touch, sight, smell, hearing and taste. This can be seen in a variety of new food and beverage menus, new amenities as well as several refurbished facilities, such as the spa with view of the sea or river pool, restaurants and swimming pools by the beach. “Information about the health protocol through this link is included in the booking confirmation for guests, so that before they arrive at hotel, they have already known what health protocols are being carried out at hotel,” she said.

Patrisia Wikan further added that what is done in implementing the health protocols received the support from the guests. “One of the guests from Jakarta named Albert Sudartanto, who was staying at Merusaka, stated that the implementation of the health protocols at Merusaka is very strict and applies to all areas. Of course, this provides a sense of comfort and security while enjoying vacation time in Bali,” said Wikan Patrisia telling the satisfaction of her guests.

Similar information was given by the General Manager of Grand Whiz Nusa Dua, Wayan Suwiryatama. The hotel he manages has implemented the health protocols in accordance with those issued by the government. However, most importantly, his party invites all guests including staff, employees and hotel partners to be disciplined in implementing the health protocols. Therefore, his party also reminded them through stickers, in addition to direct appeals. “We make and inform through stickers in every public area, including in rooms. If you are in the room, you can convey it via video or television,” he added.

Grand Whiz Nusa Dua, as a 4-star hotel, is required to carry out Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) in all departments, from security to garbage collectors. It includes dissemination to employees, vendors, relations as well as guests who come to the hotel. “We have also obtained a certificate of implementation of the health protocols from the Regional Government or Indonesia Hotel and Restaurant Association (PHRI) as well as from the Ministry of Tourism,” he concluded. (BTN/015)

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