More and More Tourist Attractions in the Mount Batur Area

More and More Tourist Attractions in the Mount Batur Area

Everyone must be fascinated by the splendor of Mount Batur. The tourist attraction located in Kintamani subdistrict, Bangli, is indeed popular among tourists. So, there’s no need to be surprised if domestic and foreign tourists flock to see the charm of the mountain along with the lake. For tourists having limited time, they usually enjoy the beauty of the tourist attraction from the Penelokan rest area.

From the Penelokan rest area, tourists can take pictures or selfies against the mountain as a backdrop. The rest area is equipped with seats. Similarly, there are merchants selling drinks, snacks as well as unique souvenirs. When traveling to Mount Batur, at least you can do mountain climbing, walking around the mountain slopes, having culinary delights while enjoying the natural scenery, hunting photo and taking fun selfies at sunrise and shopping at traditional markets in the village area.

Mount Batur is indeed unique because it offers various attractions that are not owned by other places. You name it, the caldera is indeed visible from various angles looking like a large gaping crater above Mount Batur. This area also features many tourist spots. Caldera of Mount Batur and the charming Lake Batur will be able to beautify your photos while traveling there. One of the advantages owned by Mount Batur is that it has been designated as the first Geopark in Indonesia. Surely this will be an interesting story throughout the ages.

Climbing Mount Batur is the most interesting activity, especially for young people. They sometimes climb more than twice because it offers a very beautiful atmosphere. Visitors or tourists can learn a lot from the history of this active mountain. Because of that UNESCO believes that Mount Batur is a Geopark through predetermined requirements.

Lake Batur is no less beautiful. This lake is in the middle of a mountain area, so that it can be seen from the top of Mount Batur and from the surrounding hills. Right in this lake area there are spots which are much sought after by tourists. Lake Batur can also be a beautiful photo backdrop. The outskirts of the lake offers tourist attractions that will provide an opportunity to enjoy this tourist attraction more profoundly. Tourists can not only see, but also feel. (BTN/015)

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