“Nasi Campur Treats Everywhere” at Hotel NEO Denpasar

“Nasi Campur Treats Everywhere” at Hotel NEO Denpasar

For those of you who are traveling in Denpasar City do not forget to try the monthly special menu offered by Hotel NEO Denpasar. The hotel located on Jalan Gatot Subroto Barat, Padangsambian Kaja, West Denpasar Subdistrict, is promoting a monthly menu of mixed rice that is no less delicious and very affordable. “The theme highlighted this time is “Nasi Campur Treats Everywhere” which is served in all hotel units of the Archipelago International,” said Head Chef of Hotel NEO Denpasar, Ni Made Suarmini, on Saturday (Oct 22).

All hotel units under Archipelago International are currently creative with the theme of local Indonesian food that is loved by all. Interestingly, this menu is also bundled with Soda Gembira or happy soda which is a favorite drink for all generations. “The Nasi Campur (mixed rice) menu that we have developed this month is not too complicated. We return to basic Indonesian flavors. The protein we process is chicken, shrimp, and twisted satay. Similarly, it is equipped with chili sauce, sauce and vegetables that complement the Nasi Campur menu,” explained Suarmini.

The Nasi Campur menu accompanied with Soda Gembira is not just more favored by young people, but actually very suitable for all ages as well. “Currently, we are offering promotions. The Nasi Campur menu accompanied with Soda Gembira is offered at affordable prices. We offer this promotion only from November to December,” he added.

Hotel NEO Denpasar also provides convenience for its customers who want to order this menu through the Megatix application. This application can make it easier for customers wishing to make take away or dine-in orders at Noodles Now Restaurant. “For those of you who order this menu can also enjoy our swimming pool facilities which are strategically located in the restaurant area of ​​Hotel NEO Denpasar,” said Suarmini when ending the conversation. (BTN/015)

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