Neo Denpasar Hotel Combines Health Protocols and Green Hotel Initiative

Neo Denpasar Hotel Combines Health Protocols and Green Hotel Initiative

During this Covid-19 pandemic, do not hesitate to stay at Hotel Neo Denpasar. The accommodation located on Jalan Gatot Subroto, Denpasar, has lived a new era of life and implemented the Health Protocol in accordance with the rules issued by the government. This includes adjusting to government policies that implement the Level 4 Enforcement of Public Activity Restrictions (PPKM). “The implementation of the PPKM certainly has an impact on the condition of our hotel. We have adjusted several rules so that we can meet the requirements in this period,” said General Manager (GM) Ngurah Tisna Wiraatmaja, on Thursday (Aug 12).

The hotel with 112 rooms consisting of 16 Suite Rooms, 24 Deluxe Rooms and 72 Standard Rooms interpreted government regulations by limiting the number of staff working at the hotel. Furthermore, it limits events, ranging from meetings to social events, as well as intensifying the implementation of health protocol both to staff and to guests. “One of the measures we are doing to minimize the spread of the virus is to carry out antigen swabs on a regular basis to the entire team, and provide guidance on good and correct procedures for implementing health procedures throughout the hotel,” he explained.

More interestingly, since the beginning of the pandemic, the management has continued to innovate in order to adapt to current conditions. One of them is through the application of contactless technology QR code for registration process of guests who check in, QR code for restaurant menus, QR code for in-room menus and detailed information on hotel facilities. However, hand sanitizers, use of face shields and checking body temperature are always prepared in public areas by staff. Every room and table in the restaurant also goes through a thorough disinfection process after guests check out or leave. “We also apply rules for long stay guests and overland guests in order to provide swab test results to the FO team when checking-in,” he added.

Seriousness of the management of this hotel in educating every hotel visitor to always obey the procedures is indeed commendable, because, in addition to preparing standard procedures, hotel management also posts announcements about changes to rules and procedures that apply in hotels or in public areas. The announcements are on reception, posters on elevators and in front of restaurants. The hotel staff is also always on guard in public areas, and will help remind guests who fail to carry out procedures. “We put videos on things to watch out for and what the hotel is already doing in every guest room, as well as the hotel’s public areas. Likewise, we put up posters about the progress in all public areas of the hotel,” assured Ngurah Tisna Wiraatmaja.

In living the life of the new era, the hotel which has 1 ballroom, 2 meeting rooms, a restaurant with a large area and a swimming pool combines with the green hotel concept having been socialized by the Tourism Office earlier. One of them is by implementing the Green Hotel Initiative, namely opening windows so that sunlight can enter, reducing the use of plastic and paper in the room, replacing water bottles in the room with refillable teapots, using contactless technology (QR code menu) and eco-friendly bamboo toothbrushes.

Ngurah Tisna Wiraatmaja further added that during the implementation of the public activity restriction, the number of guests decreased when compared to normal times and during the implementation of PSBB. When compared to before the Emergency PPKM, the number of guests at Hotel NEO Denpasar has indeed decreased. There are fewer guests from government institutions, which have been regular guests. “Indeed, before Covid-19, almost 90 percent of Hotel NEO Denpasar guests were filled in by domestic guests and the government market, but at the PPKM Level 4 our market was still domestic but the occupancy reduced to around 15-30 percent,” he explained.

The strict and sincere implementation of the health protocol makes guests feel safe and comfortable when staying at Hotel NEO Denpasar. They saw that the hotel team is serious about implementing the procedures during the pandemic. They also understand some of the limitations experienced by hotels, such as the elimination of buffet breakfasts, distance restrictions in the use of hotel facilities, and others. The comments were given by domestic tourists from Jakarta, Surabaya and other cities on the island of Java. “We are happy to stay at Hotel NEO Denpasar, apart from being comfortable, the implementation of health procedures is also very good, so that we feel safe,” said Sri, a local guest who was staying at the hotel. (BTN/015)

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