New Habitants of Bali Safari Park

New Habitants of Bali Safari Park

Have you ever heard of babirusa? Still closely related to wild pigs, babirusa (Babyrousa babyrussa) is an endemic animal living in the jungles of Sulawesi. Now, the babirusa is included in the global conservation planning (GSMP) because its population is decreasing. Their number is estimated to be only 4,000 heads in Indonesia due to habitat fragmentation and rampant hunting.

This makes Bali Safari Park continue to pursue various conservation efforts to increase the number of babirusa in the wild. Producing results after previously being successful in breeding endangered Komodo dragons, Bali Safari Park again welcomes the birth of a new family, namely two babirusa saplings. On May 30, 2022, these two babirusa puppies were born naturally from a parent named Pii and a male named Lorenzo. The babirusa sires have a gestation period of 150-157 days.

Every year, a female can only give birth once with a maximum of 2 puppies. Until now, two puppies are still being cared for by their mother while being monitored by the keeper and the Vet Bali Safari Park team. The Vet team routinely performs general checkups and provides balanced nutrition to the brooders so that milk production runs smoothly and meets the needs of the chicks.

According to the Curator of Bali Safari Park, Ida Ayu Ari Janiawati, the birth is a testament to her commitment to implementing animal welfare principles so that animal needs are optimally met. Hopefully, the baby will continue to be healthy and can grow well. The birth of the rare and protected animal is one of the successes of Bali Safari Park as an animal conservation institution in Bali. Previously, many rare animals had been successfully bred in Bali Safari Park, ranging from Komodo dragons, pygmy hippo, hyenas to babirusa. (BTN/r)

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