Ni Komang Sri Utari: Female Chef Works with Conscience

Ni Komang Sri Utari: Female Chef Works with Conscience

Do you know behind the success of Prime Plaza Hotel and Suites in every MICE activity taking place at the hotel? One of them is the role of Chef Ni Komang Sri Utari. This Pastry and Bakery Chef is always creative in presenting menus, especially bakery for each guest. She once handled around 1,650 people for MICE guests. At that time all thoughts and energy had to be carefully prepared so that the event could be successful and run smoothly. “A chef must support the success of an event by creating various menu creations,” she explained on Wednesday (Apr 27).

The key is that a chef must have good self-confidence, skills, knowledge and ethics, so that he is able to display a product of high value even in a very short time. “We are grateful, the event was finally a success and ran smoothly. They are inseparable from the cooperation of all teams that require control from a smart and smart leader because that is a challenge. If a man can afford it, why women like us cannot?” asked Komang Sri, her nickname.

As a chef, this woman from Bangli is very confident and able to compete against male chefs. It could be more than that because women have advantages, namely work that tends to use conscience, so as to produce a truly inspiring work of culinary art. “A menu serving that gets a woman’s touch will result in something that can really be enjoyed, such as sincerity when women work. It means that there is no doubt about female chefs. Today, many excellent female chefs have appeared,” said this assessor of LSP Parindo.

To make the guests have the desire to taste the food served, a chef must be able to anticipate creatively so that the menu gets maximum results. One of them is by raising the cultural treasures of the archipelago which collaborates with local products and foreign products, so that foreign guests can enjoy them. “For example, if the guests we handle are Europeans, the menu we choose is European style or we can collaborate with local food, for example Pumpkin Pie, Fried Banana with I/C, Putri Mandi and others. Thus, the type of pastry served will be different or varied according to the wishes of guests,” said the teacher at the Bali Dewata Vocational School calmly.

Presentation of the menu must be adjusted to the character of the guests. In other words, a chef must be observant in preparing the menu. For example, Dutch guests who are usually handled really like fried bananas, so that it must be more highlighted than other menus, so the guest will go back and back again to order it. “This means that it is an advantage for us. Other than being able to introduce local products to foreign guests, once again, a chef must be smart. When he is required to produce a work of art, a chef must be able to imagine the menu he will display,” explained the instructor at Diamond International Cruise Line.

The woman, who has a wealth of experience in the tourism industry for 27 years, emphasized that in the pastry world, women’s instincts are really used to express imagination into works of art because dessert is closely related to decoration, how to make a product. Creation is the main thing because the work of art attracts people. Designing, decorating and everything needs instinct, so that we can express the beauty of women through the products we make. “Balinese people are very close to arts, and it is very encouraging if the products they produce will be beautiful or in the so-called have inner beauty. If we already have inner beauty, then whatever we produce must be positive,” said the mother of three daughters.

Moreover, this is balanced with spiritual activities, so the positive aura can be imagined in accordance with one’s conscience, and will be explored by it. This is important because the pastry world continues to develop as a form of creation. “I often pay attention to Balinese women in making jaje cacalan or a kind of ritual ingredients. That’s how to make the shape of character, so that it is what I put into the world of pastry. People who have a high imagination can certainly put all their creations into products, especially in the world of pastry,” she continued.

According to her, pastry is a very complete science, it includes mathematics, physics, biology and chemistry so pastry is a truly complete science. For example, if you weigh the ingredients incorrectly, the result will be wrong because in the pastry world, the science is certain. If it is prepared incorrectly, the result will be wrong. Likewise when preparing baking products, all of the ingredients must fit the science. “The capital to become a pastry chef must have knowledge, insight in the sense of being diligent in socializing and organizing, diligent in participating in competitions, diligent in learning from catalog, a lot of searching on Google related to the creations of world chefs, so that when the management is required to display something different, it is easy follow it,” she added.No matter how successful we are, there is still God’s intervention, people who love us and always support us until now. “Always be a simple or humble person because above the sky there is still a sky,” she concluded. (BTN/015)

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