Nusa Dharma Made into a ‘Yoga and Meditation Island’ in The Nusa Dua Area

Nusa Dharma Made into a ‘Yoga and Meditation Island’ in The Nusa Dua Area

Yoga enthusiasts need not to look far to find a venue to exercise that prioritizes breathing. Just come to Nusa Dharma Island in The Nusa Dua Area, South Kuta subdistrict, Badung, Bali. This yoga venue is really fantastic, where yoga enthusiasts can do this activity every Sunday. “Some time ago, Fertility Yoga Dharma was held here to make The Nusa Dua a wellness tourist destination,” said General Manager of The Nusa Dua, I Gusti Ngurah Ardita, not long ago.

The Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) always strives to continuously optimize The Nusa Dua area so that it can provide better services, one of which is through attractions or activities that can be taken advantage by visitors and tourists. “Our efforts were welcomed by our new tenant, namely Mother Morula Nusa Dua, who held Fertility Yoga on Nusa Dharma Island. We hope that yoga will become an alternative wellness activity for visitors and tourists staying at hotels in The Nusa Dua area. This is also to introduce Nusa Dharma Island as a Yoga and Meditation Island,” he continued.

Nusa Dharma Island is one of two outdoor spaces owned by The Nusa Dua area. This island features an area of approximately 3 hectares developed into a Yoga and Meditation Island as a commitment to advancing wellness tourism or special interest tourism that aims to maintain tourists’ physical fitness. “Fertility Yoga Nusa Dharma takes place at 06:30—07:30 Local Time and is planned to be held routinely every Sunday and is free of charge, so we invite visitors and tourists who want to take part in this activity to be able to enjoy together the sensation of yoga activities on this beautiful island,” added Ngurah Ardita.

Mother Morula Nusa Dua is a fertility clinic for Morula IVF that started operating at The Nusa Dua in November 2022, as a facility to support medical tourism or wellness tourism. The presence of Mother Morula Nusa Dua will make it easy for the people of Bali as well as domestic and foreign tourists to get fertility and health fitness facilities while enjoying tourism in Bali. “Together with ITDC, we are optimistic that we will be able to realize The Nusa Dua as a wellness tourism destination through the additional facilities that are already available in this integrated area,” she said.

Mother Morula Nusa Dua as one of the international standard Medical and Fertility Wellness Center tourist destinations seeks to educate and help women regarding fertility, one of which is through this Fertility Yoga. “Doing Fertility Yoga poses regularly coupled with adopting a healthy lifestyle can help control stress, effectively rebalance hormones in a woman’s body, and can even eliminate toxins in the reproductive organs, so that it has a positive impact on fertility health. This yoga is not only for women who want to have children, this yoga can also be done by men and women who want to increase their stamina and wellness,” said physician Anggun. (BTN/015)

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