On its 6th Anniversary, HIG Launches Signature Menus by Chef Ragil

On its 6th Anniversary, HIG Launches Signature Menus by Chef Ragil

There is something attractive on the sixth anniversary of Hotel Indonesia Group (HIG). In the series of the anniversary, HIG held an event to “Rise Together to Build Indonesian Tourism” as a form of support in developing Indonesian tourism. Internally, it gives appreciation to all management and employees, and then launches the signature menu of HIG by Chef Ragil at the peak event, located at Sarinah Shopping Mall, last Tuesday (Oct 4).

President Director of PT HIG, Rizal Ruriko Kasim, cut the cone as a symbol of gratitude and thanks to all those who have supported the development of HIG to date. “HIG will continuously provide excellent services for all guests staying at all hotel chains managed by HIG and provide support in sales distribution, marketing, loyalty programs, and collaborate with Chef Ragil in making Indonesian archipelagic menus,” he explained.

By that way, the hotel’s operational system with high technology makes HIG more optimistic to advance business and occupancy throughout the hotel chain. “Not only that, the uniqueness and product identity of each brand makes HIG different from other hotel management,” added Rizal Ruriko Kasim.

Meanwhile, VP Marketing & Brand Development of HIG, Eva Tobing, added that right on this sixth anniversary, HIG is increasingly aggressive in providing the sensation of Five Senses as the identity of HIG hotels. “One of them is the sense of taste by launching a signature menu specially made by Chef Ragil, so that it can pamper guests with authentic Indonesian taste sensations that can make guests addicted to enjoy it,” she said.

Among more than 30 food menus made by Chef Ragil, there are six original Indonesian menus launched for the Meru brand, such as Sate Rembige from the town of Rembige (Rembiga) in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. In the meantime, klappertaart is a dessert native to North Sulawesi. Then, for Truntum brand menu there is Truntum Clear Soup, where this serving is created from a combination of Pangkep soup and Bandung clear soup. Ultimately, the Sweet Layered Mille Crepes menu is a combination of sweet layered cake with Dutch cake making adapted to the situation that exists at the time of creation. KHAS brand menu by launching Smoked Chicken Red Fried Rice will be a mainstay menu at all KHAS hotels.

Klepon Brullee is the answer to creating puddings with authentic Indonesian flavors that are easy to be enjoyed by expats, so this Klepon Brullee is created by adapting the classic Klepon taste. “Are you curious about the legendary food menu that tempts the taste buds with the original high taste of Indonesia launched by HIG? If you are, please make a reservation at Merusaka Nusa Dua Bali,” concluded Eva Tobing. (BTN/r/015)

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