“Open Gate” C5 Bali Exhibition at JHub Art Space Jimbaran

“Open Gate” C5 Bali Exhibition at JHub Art Space Jimbaran

The revival of Bali tourism was greeted with various artistic activities. Moreover, art events in the form of fine art exhibitions commonly exhibited in the Ubud area are now also being held in the South Bali area, precisely at JHub Art Space Jimbaran, Badung. The exhibition entitled Open Gate involves young artists coalesced into the members of the C5 Bali Group. The exhibition taking place on December 2–25, 2022, was opened by cultural observer, Putu Suasta, on Friday (Dec 2).

The C5 Bali painters who participated in the exhibition are I Wayan Arnata, I Ketut Sugantika Lekung, I Nyoman Diwarupa, I Made Galung Wiratmaja, I Gusti Ngurah Putu Buda, I Ketut Agus Murdika and I Komang Trisno Adi Wirawan. Each painter displays three to five works. Wayan Arnata, for instance, performs with the works entitled Intuition, Nature Abstraction, Blowing Love and Deer; Ketut Sugantika Lekung performs the works entitled Wariga, Sarad, the Morning Light, and Prayascita and Nyoman Diwarupa presents the works entitled Growth Mindset, Sweet Hard and Outlook.

Meanwhile, Made Galung Wiratmaja presents the works entitled About the Green, Abstract Landscape 1 and 2, and Abstract Landscape—Mountain and Fog; Gusti Buda presents the works entitled Magical Day, Charming Red, Welcoming Morning, and Golden Land; Agus Murdika performs his works entitled Harmony of Soul 1 and 2 and Golden Sky‘; while Trisno Adi Wirawan presents the works entitled Between the Shadow to the Beauty 1, 2 and 3.

Open Gate, which is the title of the exhibition, means ‘an open gate.’ Conceptually, the open gate is a continuation of the previous C5 Bali Group exhibitions. From the beginning of the C5 Bali exhibition, it has always promoted freedom of expression in its works. Every time is a space without borders in every process of searching for identity. Open gate is a representation of the pathways of freedom of expression itself, providing circulation in and out without being constrained by limitation of becoming what or becoming whom. An open gate is freedom and flexibility to keep moving in sustainability.

C5 stands for critical, communication, collaboration, cooperation and creativity. C5 talks about a group of artists who move and interlock to form a whole. C5 currently consists of artists from several cities in Indonesia such as Yogyakarta, Jakarta, Bali and Surabaya, without being limited by ethnicity and age. Meanwhile, the C5 Bali group is part of the C5 group which consists of artists based in Bali.

One of the C5 Bali painters, I Made Galung Wiratmaja, stated that he appeared with abstract works. According to him, imagining or realizing images is a consequence of visual reality which tends to be formless. “Abstract visuals provide more opportunities for limitless indulgence of imagination. Through this Open Gate exhibition, we open the door wide for imagination about abstract visuals,” said Galung who graduated from Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, Udayana University.  (BTN/015)

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