Order Food with “Samasta Click & Collect”

Order Food with “Samasta Click & Collect”

Want to order food, but be lazy to wait? Simply try ordering food at Samasta Click & Collect. Through this feature, you can get food orders without having to get out or get out of your vehicle. Waiting for the orders doesn’t take long because within a maximum of 30 minutes the food can be picked up at the outlet or delivered to customers staying around the Samasta area.

“We are choosing digital features in the midst of a pandemic. In this pandemic era, Samasta Lifestyle Village maximizes various channels to increase customers,” said Center Head of Samasta Bali, Aditya Rangga Permana, accompanied by Marketing Communication Manager, Messayu Ajeng, in a media meeting at Samasta Lifestyle Village Jimbaran on Wednesday (Dec. 2).

This Samasta Click & Collect service is part of developing services to consumers in the midst of the pandemic. This service is specifically intended for Food & Beverage tenants in Samasta with a total of 300 menus included in the services of 10 tenants. The entire process, from cooking readiness to giving to consumers, continues to prioritize health protocols in accordance with the provisions of government regulations. “Many people are still afraid of going out during this pandemic, so they can order and wait in the car and can dine in, too. The price is the same as what they sell at outlets,” added Aditya Rangga Permana.

This application emerged due to the pandemic, so everyone can implement health protocols to maintain security. When providing services, Samasta has implemented Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and always disseminated to tenants, both at outlets and to customers. The most important thing is to wear masks, personal protective equipment such as face glasses, hand gloves and hand sanitizers when handing over orders in the lobby. “We will launch this Samasta Click & Collect service on December 5, 2020. However, we have done the trial process for a long time and there are always improvements,” he explained.

Messayu Ajeng further added that almost all of the 300 menus offered are delicious and very distinctive. The menus are in accordance with taste because they serve a variety of local, Indonesian and Western foods. Preferred menus claimed to be very good products are averagely favored by foreign, domestic and local tourists. One of them is sate lilit, nasi sayur urap, tipat cantok, soto Surabaya, iced coffee and many other menus with great taste quality.

Samasta Click & Collect has an easy ordering system. Especially for Instagram users, click the link in the Instagram of Samasta bio or scan the QR Code available at the Samasta lobby. After entering the order page, select the order and outlet. Consumers are directed immediately to the available menus. After that, choose your favorite food and drink and fill out the order amount. Open the order basket and check the payment details. When it has done, then press ‘order’ and select the serving. Choose ‘Delivered’ if you want the food to be delivered to the Samasta lobby or choose Self-Collection if you want to take it at the outlet in person. “In the future, there will be a delivery feature, just wait at home to be delivered,” said Messayu Ajeng. (BTN/015)

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