Painting Art Works Generates Positive Energy

Painting Art Works Generates Positive Energy

Not many hotels display the works of art which are the results of the creative work of the Balinese people. Whereas, the existence of a work of art can generate positive energy. “Hotels that display paintings will be able to generate positive energy to the accommodation itself. The painting is made with positive energy by the artists, so that such energy becomes a force to enliven the hotel itself,” said Head of Community Relations of LV8 Resort, Made Merta Widana, on the sidelines of the opening of the art exhibition entitled Celebrating Harvest at LV8 Resort Hotel Canggu, on Thursday (Jan 20).

Paintings, which are the work of young or old artists, have a power. It happens because the artwork is made with high imagination and expression. They express ideas honestly in accordance with the ideas having been processed through thoughts, knowledge and experience. As a result, they will not only look beautiful and attractive, but also exude a very good vibration. “More and more paintings made with positive energy will have implications for the positive energy at the hotel as well, so there is an attraction,” he said.

At the time of painting, people use their positive energy, so they can generate positive rewards. In other words, what we sow is what we reap. “On that account, we at LV8 Resort Hotel Canggu always display paintings throughout the year. Indeed, the paintings are showcased in turn by the artists, both young and old. We always provide the opportunities for Balinese people. That is because we strongly support Balinese art and culture. Everyone must always remember that Bali tourism cannot be separated from socio-cultural aspects. Balinese taksu (sacred vibration) comes from the art and culture as well as the behavior of the Balinese people,” he concluded. (BTN/015)

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