Palm-Leaf Manuscript Conservation at Griya Gede Sidemen Gulingan Mengwi

Palm-Leaf Manuscript Conservation at Griya Gede Sidemen Gulingan Mengwi

The Lontar Conservation Festival in series with the Balinese Language Month IV in Badung District has succeeded in identifying palm-leaf manuscript belonging to Ida Pedanda Putra Pemaron Sidemen, whose address is at Griya Gede Sidemen, Darmayasa Hamlet, Gulingan, Mengwi, Badung. There are about 100 bundles of manuscripts preserved which are all still in good condition. “The owner of the palm-leaf manuscripts often reads it, and often uses it as a reference for religious activities in the griya (Brahmin’s house),” said Badung Coordinator of Balinese Language Extension, Gede Merta, when confirmed on Wednesday (Feb 23).

The schedule for palm-leaf manuscript conservation carried out by the Bali Cultural Service in partnership with the Balinese Language Extension Team in Badung District is actually today (Feb 23), but its activities have been moved forward to Monday (Feb 21). “That’s because Ida Pedanda Putra Pemaron Sidemen officiated over a ritual, so that we are changing the date. After the team has carried out conservation, all the manuscripts are still in good condition, so they only need to carry out maintenance,” said Gede Merta.

Indeed, there are some manuscripts in a slightly damaged condition due to age. Of the hundreds of manuscripts, there are many texts about puja (the Astawa Mantra such as the Puja Tawur, Pitra Puja and Arga Patra). There are Wariga almanac consisting of Sundari Bang, Sundari Terus, Sundari Gading and Guruning Sasih. Meanwhile, Old Javanese poem Kekawin are the Arjuna Wiwaha, Hari Sraya and others. For Parwa, there are Adi Parwa, Tutur Kuncara Karna, and Kalpasastra Indik Pasesayutan.

Gede Merta further added that after the Extension Team cleaned up the dust by using a special tool, the characters became clearer. Especially for the Palm-Leaf Manuscript Conservation Festival in series with the Balinese Language Month, the team carried out maintenance at the homes of residents where it had previously collected data. The Balinese Language Extension Team carried out the rescue of the manuscripts belonging to the community through maintenance or conservation, in addition to collecting data. (BTN/015)

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