Pancoran Solas Taman Mumbul, Favorite Place for Melukat and Religious Tourism

Pancoran Solas Taman Mumbul, Favorite Place for Melukat and Religious Tourism

Badung District is known as an area to have abundant tourist destinations. One of them is the Mumbul Park which is a spiritual tourist attraction. Shady banyan trees in Mumbul Park and other trees can be an ideal place to relax, especially for children. You can buy fish food here while feeding them. Of course, it will provide a delightful recreational experience as well as a fun religious trip.

For those who like religious tourism, Mumbul Sangeh Park has a wonderful and natural feel, apart from being able to provide spiritual calm, the mind can be fresher because of its beautiful nature. And Mumbul Sangeh Park is usually chosen by local visitors, domestic and international tourists as a place for melukat or self-purificatory rite. Mumbul Sangeh Park has been operating since December 2016, so it is one of the places visited by many tourists. Mumbul Sangeh Park is managed by the Sangeh Village community group, namely Sangeh Traditional Activities.

Mumbul Sangeh Park has clear and fresh springs surrounded by hundreds of lush trees which create a very beautiful green view. It is not surprising that many travelers take the time to refresh here. Additionally, this park has a holy place (temple) which is also used as a place for the Melasti ceremony by the people of Sangeh village. Besides, there is a pond with clear water and inhabited by thousands of fish.

This spring is not only useful for irrigation for local communities, but is also believed to be holy water. Until now, it is still used as a place to collect holy water for temple celebrations in the surrounding areas. Mumbul Sangeh Park is famous as a place for melukat, namely a ritual of spiritual purification of the mind and soul in humans. It has a function to eliminate impurity influences within oneself spiritually.

Mumbul Park lies in the Banjar Brahmana tourist area, Sangeh Village, Abiansemal Subdistrict, Badung District. It is located approximately one kilometer from the natural tourist attraction of Sangeh Monkey Forest. Even from Denpasar City, the tourist location can be reached in approximately 60 minutes.

From Denpasar, before arriving at the location you will be presented with stretches of rice fields on either side of the road that are still intact and about 100 meters before the Sangeh tourist attraction there is an intersection. Take the road to the right for about 200 meters towards Penglukatan Pancoran Solas (literally: 11 Fountains of Purificatory Rite) and Taman Mumbul Temple.

These two places, both Penglukatan Pancoran Solas and Taman Mumbul Temple, look so wonderful, calm and delightful so they can be recreational places that can be visited to just relieve fatigue with the family, especially children. The Pancoran Solas healing place in Taman Mumbul is believed by residents to have the capability of neutralizing various evil forces such as black magic or magic and dissolve negative influences in the body and bad qualities within oneself.

In terms of public facilities at Mumbul Sangeh Park, this destination has been equipped with adequate parking lot because the management of this tourist attraction by the local community is quite good. The parking space is intended for motorbikes, cars or tourist buses. By and large, this vehicle parking is located near the Tirta Taman Mumbul temple. A gazebo is also available for relaxing and eating together at this tourist spot and do not be afraid of not being able to urinate because this tourist attraction has also provided with public toilets.

For those who want to perform melukat or self-purificatory rite at Pancoran Solas, Taman Mumbul Sangeh, clothing rental is also available for this purpose complete with scarves and cloth. For visitors who bring quite a lot of items, do not worry, there are lockers to keep and store your belongings. However, there is no need to bring valuable items, just bring the items that are really needed to visit tourist attractions.

Penglukatan Pancoran Solas located within the tourist attraction area of Taman Mumbul Sangeh presents beautiful and attractive nature, other than a place of worship. Like a number of other places on the Island of the Gods, this place is also believed to be a place of healing for neutralizing evil forces. Thus, it can be a place for alternative healing and is much sought after by Hindus, especially since there is a lot of evidence that it is auspicious and able to provide healing for diseases of the body.

Sometimes, there are some people who suffer from certain diseases which were not detected by medical doctors, but can miraculously recover at healing places here. On that account, the existence of the Penglukatan Pancoran Solas is believed to have auspicious and mystical quality.

Penglukatan Pancoran Solas comes with 11 fountains, where each of which is a symbol of divine power, namely a symbol of the power of Dewata Nawasanga, who guards the nine cardinal directions. Starting from the leftmost fountain, it is the symbol of Lord Shiva, Lord Sambu, Lord Sankara, Lord Rudra, Lord Mahesvara, Lord Vishnu, Lord Mahadeva, Lord Brahma and Lord Isvara. then two more showers are added, namely a shower symbolizing the power of Goddess Saraswati and Goddess Gangga.

Nowadays, Penglukatan Pancoran Solas is visited by many Hindus, especially during holy days for Hindus or other Hindu holidays. Many family groups also spend their weekend holidays at this place. Head of Mumbul Sangeh Park Management, I Gusti Ngurah Putu Buda, explained that since this place belongs to a sacred area, those who want to perform melukat ritual at this Pancoran Solas, of course, must obey the restrictions such as women who are menstruating, or others who are having cuntaka (in condolence period due to family’s death) at their home are not allowed to enter and perform the ritual.

Here it is not prohibited for anyone to perform melukat (self-purificatory rite) as long as they follow the rules applying here. If you came to perform melukat here for the first time at Pancoran Solas Temple, you are advisable to bring along a pejati oblation, and the local temple priest is always ready to officiate over the ritual. However, in case the temple priest is not available, you can contact him via telephone or alternatively you can do the ritual by yourself with prior notice to the officer on duty.

First of all, you have to pray and then perform the melukat. As the sequence in the melukat procession at this fountain, it starts from South to North or from right to left, namely from the fountain of the statue of Goddess Ganga to the fountain of the statue of Lord Shiva. After completing the melukat procession, it is resumed with asking for holy water to local priest. On major Hindu religious holidays, such as Banyupinaruh, full moon, new moon and Kajeng Kliwon, this place is always busy, even on every weekend holiday, quite a lot of people make a visit. (BTN/014)

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