Pande Ketut Suartaya: The Vasini Hotel’s Strategy to Survive during Pandemic

Pande Ketut Suartaya: The Vasini Hotel’s Strategy to Survive during Pandemic

The Vasini Hotel located at Jalan WR Supratman No.288, Kesiman Kertalangu Village, East Denpasar, was appointed by the Bali Provincial Taskforce as a place for quarantine or restoration of the immunity system for Balinese categorized into Symptomless People (OTG). To make the hotel a quarantine place is certainly not easy. It is closely related to health and safety issues for all staff and the environment. “The hotel must ensure that the hotel environment and its surroundings remain healthy, so that it becomes a safe place for healing,” said General Manager, Pande Ketut Suartaya, on Tuesday (Jan. 26).

The Vasini—Smart Boutique Hotel featuring 137 rooms is occupied by 196 people who carry out the process of restoring the immunity system. Those staying at this hotel are only symptomless people, not positive patients with Covid-19. As long as it is appointed as the healing hotel for symptomless people, The Vasini Hotel does not accept other guests. “We do not receive guests other than them because it has been handled by the Provincial Covid-19 Taskforce. On that account, the status of The Vasini Hotel is closed for room sales to online and off-line travel agencies, including walk-in guests. Nevertheless, we still accept MICE meetings under 100 people because we have a ballroom located separately from the room and already applies a very strict Health Protocol,” he said.

The man who is also an IHGMA administrator for the Organization for Institutional and Cooperation Affairs explained that before receiving symptomless people, the hotel first made preparations by forming a map of the Red, Yellow and Green zoning locations. The red zone is specifically intended for the area traversed by the OTG. Health workers and hotel employees who pass through the area must use complete Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Yellow Zone area is located between the Red and Green Zones. The hotel and the Covid-19 Taskforce also make check-in area instructions for OTG, including the location for room key collection. Similarly, there is a strict barrier for communication (briefing) between health workers and the symptomless people before they go to the room (Yellow Area). The taskforce officer creates a WhatsApp group in which there are OTGs, health workers and the hotel for communication lines. “After 10 days to 14 days of isolation, the OTG will do a swab. If they are declared negative, they will be sent home with a statement letter from the Bali Health Agency workers,” he explained.

The Vasini Hotel tries to survive by accommodating symptomless people. Selection of this hotel can help the hotel when facing the decline in room occupancy rates during this pandemic. “I have a principle that we must help resolve this problem together in restoring Bali tourism. If the isolation process is carried out quickly and correctly, Bali will survive with higher recovery rates. Bali will be recognized internationally as one of the green zones of Covid-19,” he explained.

As a hotel that provides isolation and restores body immunity, The Vasini Hotel has implemented health protocols. Moreover, it has received a certificate of Cleanliness, Health, Safety, and Environmental Sustainability (CHSE) from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy with satisfactory predicate. The Provincial Health Agency team has also checked and passed as an isolation hotel for a quarantine for the OTG immunity system recovery. “Hotel management fully supports the Bali Provincial Government, in this case the Covid-19 Taskforce Team (Bali Regional Disaster Mitigation Agency, Health Agency, Municiapal Police and Transportation Service),” he concluded. (BTN/015)

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