Swarga Suites Bali Berawa in Canggu

Swarga Suites Bali Berawa in Canggu

Swarga Suites Bali Berawa located on the edge of Berawa Beach has unparalleled sunset view. This luxurious all-suite hotel features 60 rooms, with the types of Swarga Suite Ocean View, Swarga Suite Pool Access, Berawa Suite Ocean Front, Berawa Royal Suite Ocean Front and Duplex Family Suite, where each reflects the natural splendor of Canggu with a touch of Balinese heritage. In addition, this hotel has Ketumbar Bistro & Bar facilities (operating hours: 06:00–23:00), Gym (07:00–22:00), Infinity Pool (07:00–22:00), Sun Deck and Luh Arum Spa (07:00–23:00).

Swarga Suites Bali Berawa officially changed its name with a new identity on March 6, 2023. Previously known as The Haven Suites Bali Berawa, this all-suites hotel brings improvements to the guest experience along with its new name. The hotel highlights the best side of Canggu by presenting Canggu Tropical Paradise to guests while in the hotel. “Today Sunday (Mar 19) marks the Rebranding Ceremony of Swarga Suites Bali Berawa. Various stakeholders from the owning company, colleagues of travel agencies both online and offline, the local government, media partners, and even guests have joined to celebrate this important moment,” said General Manager of Swarga Suites Bali Berawa, Gede Bimbi Sanjaya.

The series of events held from March 6, 2023 were the opening of a new name by opening the curtain’s logo for the Swarga Suites Bali Berawa in the Lobby Area. Then, at the top event on March 19, 2023 there was a series of events commenced with a joint prayer, raising the flag of Swarga Suites Bali Berawa, handing over the previous brand flag and placards to Panorama Hospitality Management (PHM).

The event also included several series of remarks delivered by the General Manager, President Director and representatives of the Hotel Owners. Furthermore, the cutting of the young coconut leaves was carried out as an official symbol of the name change of the hotel which was then resumed with the presentation of Balinese dance (welcome dance) and modern local dances, mini conferences, hotel tours, lunch, door prizes and distribution of souvenirs.

The name Swarga is taken from Sanskrit, which means ‘heaven.’ The hotel logo also represents the Lotus symbolizing purity and rebirth. With this starting point, the transformation will allow guests, both new and loyal ones, to experience a haven of tranquility amidst the tropical ambiance of Canggu.

It is a manifestation of the seriousness of the hotel to advance the hospitality industry in Indonesia, especially Bali. Swarga Suites Bali Berawa is committed to continuing to develop and improve quality. Apart from it, Swarga Suites Bali Berawa is also very open to collaborating with parties who are committed and have the same vision and mission, to advance tourism in Berawa as well as Bali and Indonesia in general,” said Gede Bimbi Sanjaya.

With the name change to Swarga Suites Bali Berawa, there have been several improvements to the guests’ stay experience, such as the opening of the Luh Arum Spa, renovation of the restaurant area where visitors can enjoy relaxation and tropical atmosphere of Canggu. Swarga Suites Bali Berawa is always open to improving the facilities and services provided for guests who stay.

The plans of connecting access to Berawa Beach and Rooftop Bar were some of the things guests could look forward to. The event was closed on March 20 at 07:00 Local Time with a morning walk together, cleaning up trash in the area around the Tibubeneng village environment and a clean-up event on Berawa Beach attended by more than 150 people consisting of Tibubeneng village youths, village officials, hotel owners, management as well as staff of Swarga Suites Bali Berawa. (BTN/015)

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