Pramana Experience Contributes to Build Bali Tourism for 10 Years

Pramana Experience Contributes to Build Bali Tourism for 10 Years

In the world of hospitality, Human Resources plays (HR) an important role in making the business sustainable. So, do not be surprised if human resources management is the most challenging thing in business management in the tourist accommodation sector. “This business sector prioritizing services to tourists requires skilled human resources who can provide services from the heart. If it is just an engine, just invest and build it,” said Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Pramana Experience, I Nyoman Sudirga Yusa, on the sidelines of Pramana’s 10th anniversary, Monday (Apr 24).

Moreover, if the human comes and goes it will certainly be different. For those who have just arrived, it is not certain that they will be ready or do not guarantee that they will meet the needs and desires of the business. Therefore, for 10 years managing a company named Pramana Experience with five colleagues, the most difficult challenge they have faced so far is management team. “HR plays an important role in making the tourist accommodation sector a sustainable business,” said Sudirga Yusa, accompanied by Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Pramana Experience, I Wayan Suarsa.

With various efforts, all of them can be carried out properly until now. One of the things done in HR management is by frequently making field inspection to each managed unit to find out what problems and obstacles are being faced. On that account, until now or at the age of 10 years there are around 900 employees fostered by Pramana Experince by overseeing 64 properties both hotels, resorts and villas in Bali and outside Bali, even overseas.

Over the past 10 years, he and his team have invested more in time. The team learned many things so that the company built in 2013 can continue to grow. “We have enjoyed the process from the first start when Pramana was established in 2013 until today. There are ups and downs of happiness and hard work. They can train employees from fresh graduates to staff, managers, supervisors and others. I am very proud to be able to lead them,” he said.

Then, during this pandemic towards endemic, the direction of tourism development tends to change. Many play in the middle because they know they will prefer to search for an environment of interaction with natural beauty, culinary delights and so on, so that it becomes more sustainable. So, all of them must encourage sustainability for tourism to be more active. “We at Pramana use recycled paper and others. Even today, there are programs to support sustainable tourism,” he concluded. (BTN/015)

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