Pramana Giri Kusuma Offers a Healing Sanctuary

Pramana Giri Kusuma Offers a Healing Sanctuary

If you want to stay at a hotel to get something more, just come to Pramana Giri Kusuma. This resort with a cool village atmosphere carries the concept of healing or retreat presenting the nature of Payangan Village remaining beautiful. The air is cool and clean and far from hustles and bustles. This accommodation applies a garden concept with a variety of typical tropical plants that may be rarely found at other hotels. Moreover, it is combined with various yoga activities and retreats that can connect with nature and the Creator.

Pramana Giri Kusuma is located on Jalan Raya Payangan, Melinggih Kaja Village, Payangan, Gianyar. The location is very strategic, very close to the tourist area of ​​​​Ubud, Kintamani and the center of the capital of Bali Province. Staying at this resort is definitely a pleasure because it is built on a gentle valley overlooking the river and is designed in such a way as to maintain the value of the beautiful natural heritage. This is in collaboration with inspiring architectural designs, so as to create a happy and comfortable atmosphere.

This resort has a total of 12 rooms consisting of three types, namely 6 units of Valley Suite, 4 units of One-Bedroom Villa and 1 unit of Two-Bedroom Pool Villa. While the existing facilities are lobby, restaurant, public pool, spa, and shuttle bus. To provide an interesting experience while staying at this resort, a morning walk or rice field trekking, canyon river tour and retreat or yoga are prepared. “This resort is to give guests something more. Especially during this pandemic, guests are not only looking for comfort but also want something more to increase their immunity,” said CEO of Pramana Experience, I Nyoman Sudirga Yusa, on Thursday (Jul 1).

Sudirga Yusa admitted that Pramana Giri Kusuma is different from the resorts having been developed by Pramana Experience before. This accommodation is specially designed for the target market who is looking for the best place to find peace in an unforgettable refreshing or self-healing process by taking the concept of returning to nature. “Guests can have access to the river and pool with natural spring water that has a spiritual element. Inside, there is water believed to heal and cleanse the body and soul,” he explained.

Then, related to security in living the new era of life, Sudirga Yusa stated that the resort was built during the pandemic, so that everything related to the implementation of the health protocol has been directly built permanently, including a place to wash hands, adjustment of seating distances, place for hand sanitizer, a place for temperature checks and wording on the appeals to be disciplined in implementing health procedures. “Currently, we are offering opening promotion, such as Staycation at IDR 400k including overnight stay in Suite Room, breakfast and Retreat Package at IDR 800k including stay overnight in Suite Valley Room, breakfast, morning walk/rice field trekking, one hour spa, lunch exclude drinks for 2 people,” he explained. (BTN/015)

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